Links I Love: Volume 8

Hi guys. How was your week like? This week, I bring you articles on secrets, puns and more. There’s an article on why people don’t like puns and a small history of puns; a funny cover letter; scientific explanation on why you shouldn’t keep secrets; learning aggressively versus learning passively; why you can’t remember your childhood; spontaneous orgasms; why rich kids study English; how rape is depicted in TV shows and how only OINTB gets it right; why marriage doesn’t make you happy; and why it’s your husband holding back your career, not your children. Enjoy!

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This is Bullshit: Rantings of an Angry Nigerian Girl

A few days ago, I was randomly thinking of random things – as I am wont to do – especially now that I have no phone [screen damaged totally, haven’t fixed it yet] and I have typhoid and I’m offline more than I’m online. Anyways, as I was randomly thinking of random things, the title of this post popped into my head and I really liked it and I said hmmm, this is nice. I’m going to write a blog post. Then I thought some more and decided that it would be even better for a book.

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What is This Poem?

This poem is a poem
This poem speaks of me; it speaks of you
It speaks of our hopes and our dreams
It speaks of days and nights

This poem is not a poem
It is me talking
It is my thoughts
It is my words

This poem is Africa
Continent not country
Large, diverse, populous
This poem can be great; will be great

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On The Side of a Road: A Short Story

I am attempting to write somewhat like naijarookie (I’m a huuuuge fan). Also, this is based on true events.


It’s a cold night
The street is dark and quiet. It is a short side street. There’s no light, unsurprisingly. Surprisingly, generators are not on.  All the shops are closed.

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