Week 5: On buying cars and Thanksgiving

Hello guys, end of another week.

I realize I need to come up with better titles for my posts in the weekly journal category.

This week has to be one of the best weeks of my life ever. It was quite boring but it was fantastic all the same.

Nothing really happened in this week so I’m going to talk about 2 things that have been on my mind all week.

First of all go down low, THANKSGIVING. There was so much noise on twitter about how Nigerians like to famz american culture. My own thanksgiving is a time to reflect on my life and all what God has done for me and thank Him for everything.

About 2 weeks ago, one of my daily devotion(s) was about Thanksgiving. The act was to write a list or 2 of everything your thankful to God for. From ‘A’ to ‘9’. I’m thankful for:
A: Apples, Ayoola, Aunts, (most) Animals, Adeola
B: Boys, Brothers, Beans, Beauty, Binjo, Bible, Bolaji, Blog C: Chicken, Christmas, Carols, Cousins, Countries, Cold nights D: Days of the week, Dara, Desola, Dansol, Debbie
E: Eyes, Everything, Eni, (The) Experience
F: Fries, Food, Friends, Family, Fruits, Funmto, Fred Hammond G: Girls, God,
H: Honey, Houses, Health
I: Ice Cream, Inem, Internet
J: Jesus, Juice
K: Kisses, Kirk Franklin, Kehinde, Kurt Carr
L: Limousine, Love, Lase
M: Music, Mother, Makeup, Me, Muyiwa, Mayowa
N: Noses
O: Oranges, Ore
P: Playfulness, Puppies, Pizza, Prayer Group
Q: Quilts
R: Rice, Results, Rain
S: Spectacular Sunrises and Sunsets, Sister, Songs
T: Teeth, Tongues, Today, Tomorrow, Tami, Travel, Twitter, Todimu, Taiye, Teachers U: Universe, Uncles
V: Verses, (some) Vegetables
W: Winter
X: Xray,
Y: Yesterday
Z: Zebras, Zinc
1: Nose, Mouth
2: Hands, Legs, Siblings
3: Places to be every week
4: Weeks a month
5: Work days
6: people that came to class yesterday
7: Days a week
8: people that started make up class
9: weeks + 1 since started photography.

(To all the people I forgot to include in this list, I’m sorry. I love you guys).

Second thing I wanted to talk about is the Nigerian habit of showing off. Most young people, when they have money, the first thing they buy is a car.
Young man, that car is not a good investment. It’s a liability. If you don’t have a steady income and your own house that you built or bought, then I don’t see why you have a car. You’ll see them, they have 3 cars. They’ll turn the landlord’s house to car park and be owing rent. When you get money, save up to buy land and build a house. Even if it’s a 3 bedroom bungalow. Or buy a house. At least you know that if everything else fails, you won’t be sleeping under the bridge in your fine jeep that you just bought.
Girls are not left out oh. Just because you think you’ll get married doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go and build/buy house. Don’t deceive yourself.
You’ll be there doing big boys and girls. Is big boy you’ll eat when you’re hungry.




Hello people 😀

Disclaimer: I don’t know the point of this post

I finished my exams on Wednesday. So I tweeted that I had just finished my exams. Then I saw one tweet: “over 14k tweets and just finishing WAEC and people will wonder why they fail.” When I saw that tweet I was just like “What?! Are you kidding me.” I don’t get it. Why do people think that success in exams/tests and using the internet are closely related. For the record, I think I do well enough in school.

So today, my mum took me to the bank to teach me how to withdraw money from an ATM. So we were there and this guy comes and starts shouting: “you aren’t doing it properly”. In my mind I’m like “nigga what?” You’re standing like 2 feet away from us. How the hell do you know what we are doing. He now starts shouting at my mum that why is she teaching me and that is she just teaching me bla bla bla? When we got into the car mumsi said: “man yi, o le ma na iyawo e ni le”. [Translation: this man can beat his wife]
She now said: “or he may be a thief”. it was funny when she said it

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Have a great weekend.
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Have A Great Day 😀


I am here to rant and no it’s not a political rant. I’m here to rant about a lot of different things.

So on Saturday, I had to follow my two year old cousin to a party. Her friend was turning 1 and someone had to stay with her.
During the children games, they told them to stand in a circle and say the alphabets as in: A for apple, B for ball, C for cat…
The children where saying absolute nonsense and I was wondering about Nigeria’s educational system. When 7 year olds can’t recite the alphabets properly, then there is cause to worry. The first child went A for apple, the second, B for ball, the third said C for Salt. after that someone said C for kitchen. I’m thinking that they should close down these primary schools and someone beside me laughs. Another person said G for Goat after the person before him said D for dog. What happened to ‘E’ and ‘F’. Nigeria’s poor educational system is why people in SS3 don’t know multiplication tables. Everybody can just go and build a primary school somewhere. Aunty Jane and Uncle John Nursery And Primary School.

There was this girl there that was always crying. When her mum didn’t allow her go on the bouncing(bouncy?) castle, she started crying. When she lost the dance competition, she cried again. Then I remembered when someone was crying and I asked why and the person told me she was crying because someone unfollowed her on twitter. In my mind I’m like you can’t be serious. Which brings me to my next issue: Twitter. Everybody is always going on about how twitter is not serious. Don’t be deceived oh. Twitter is very very serious. In fact it is as serious as *insert proper word here* I read somewhere that a company sued one guy like that for his twitter page because when he worked for them, he used it to promote their business and he gained about 2000 followers from this. One guy like that became a mini celebrity in his area after Kanye West followed him and apparently, he is the only person Kanye West follows. Also they deported some Pakistani guys from England abi the US because they tweeted a joke about bombing somewhere. People on twitter be receiving death threats because they didn’t(don’t?) follow back. It is not by force to follow back. To follow or follow back is by choice and not by force. except of course you’ve been threatened. When I was doing this, I saw this: @______ follow back if you want to pass your WAEC. So my dear friends, twitter is very serious. but it shouldn’t be.

Next is girls. At the party, there were some girls with makeup that would have shamed some masquerades. You girls need to chill. You’ll see girls using pink, silver, green, red, black and all sorts of colors for eye pencil. Some even combine 2 or 3 colours. There are some that will scrape off their eyebrows and draw them back in a curve till it is almost entering their eyes. Please except it is a photo shoot or a fashion show(you are on the runway) and it is applied by a professional, you are allowed to use only brown eye pencil. Also dark people should use darker shades of whatever colour they want as eye shadow and if you want to mix colours, mix sensibly and blend them properly. On cleavage. I’m not against showing some flesh but please leave something to the imagination. Also, It’s sad when someone wears a very beautiful short dress then ruins it by wearing leggings or worse jeans. I feel like crying. The beauty of the dress is that it’s short.

Lastly, guys. Why is it hard for boys/guys/men to take a hint. At the party, my friend(she has a younger brother who she came with) went to charge her phone and then one guy comes to meet her and asks for her pin. At first she pretended not to hear him and went to her seat. Later, she went to check if her mum had called. Guy was there and still asked her for her pin. She told him she couldn’t give him. He now came to meet me to give him her pin. I’m like: ‘chill bro’. It’s not by force.

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And someone explain to me what is wrong in dating your friend’s ex especially if she/he dumped him/her.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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Day 13 – Addicted

Dictionary.com defines Addiction(n) as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma

As I stated in my 30 Things About Me post ( if you haven’t read it, you can read it


), I really can’t say I can’t do without anything because if you follow the dictionary meaning of the word addiction, it doesn’t apply to me.

There are things i like [doing] but I can’t say I’m obsessed with those things or addicted to them. These are the things that when I have them, it’s like if you take them away from me, i’ll die.

  • Books: I love books. Anybody who knows me knows that I love books. Besides an iPad now, the best birthday gift anybody can get me is a book. I read all kinds of books. Mystery, Inspirational, Motivational, Suspense, Thriller, (Christian) Romance… You get the idea.
  • Blackberry: I hated this device (still do) when everybody was going crazy because of it. I only got it cuz it’s easy to communicate as most of the people I call use it.
  • Twitter: twitter is like my CNN, MM2 and every other thing you can think of all rolled into one. From tweet fights to funny handles to gbagauns to questions to celebs and more sha.
  • Music: now i can say I’m obsessed with music. I love music. Music is art. Art is life. I love old songs. I listen to everything from soul to rap to RnB to hip hop… Everything.
    I don’t think there is anything else.

    Cessation(n) is temporary or complete stopping

    NB: my sister and I do cakes and snacks. I do make-up and gele . Email me (ltawaq@gmail.com) for details.

    Have a lovely day 🙂
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