5½ Reasons Google Is Bae

Google is very awesome and is practically connected to your whole life. Especially if you use an android device. Google is the cool you aspire to be. And here’s 5 reasons Google is bae.

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How To Be a Techie: 4 Easy Steps

Becoming a techie is really easy. Trust me, I know. You can be a techie in 4 simple steps. • Tweet/Talk about techy things a lot but not so much that you become weird Use words like programming, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, coding, etc. Refer to websites like GitHub, codecademy, khan academy. Also talk about TechCabal and TechSuplex; subscribe to them and read them. Often sprinkle your tweets with Nigerian tech ecosystem. Continue reading

Technology and Changes on the Continent

“In 10 short years, what was once an object of luxury and privilege, the mobile phone, has become a basic necessity in Africa.  – Paul Kagame

About a decade ago, there were less than four million mobiles in Africa. Now, there are over 500 million mobile phones on the continent and 20 to 30 percent of them are internet enabled. It is estimated that by 2016, there’ll be about a billion mobile phones with about 80% of them being internet enabled.

Telecommunication has transformed our businesses into mobile and global enterprises. We now have faster access to information; better, much quicker ways of getting things done; and easier ways to connect with people, share information and ideas.

Our mobile phones are practically an extension of our lives. They serve as our banks, novels, textbooks, televisions, maps, alarms, weather stations, newspapers and much more.

Some areas that have been transformed by technology include:

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