A Few Thoughts (and Questions) on Game of Thrones [or a Guide to watching GoT]

I had heard a lot about GoT. I had never watched any episode up until a couple of weeks ago, but I knew many of the characters and some of the plot line from Twitter and constant conversations. I have the books and I wanted to read those first before starting the TV series, but at the behest of someone, I decided to go ahead and watch it. After all, I had the complete series (Season 1 – 5). Before I go into my thoughts (and questions) about GoT, I’ll just say that if you haven’t watched it, you should.

Game of Thrones is (loosely) based on a book series by George R. R. Martin

The first thing you should know, if you decide to watch GoT, is that everybody dies. EVERYBODY. You’ll become accustomed to the phrase: “valar morghulis” which translates to “all men must die.” They take this very literally on GoT. So save yourself some heartbreak and tears and let it sink in: EVERYBODY DIES. When you start to love a character, get ready for his/her demise and if they don’t die, get ready to have high blood pressure, because they will always escape death, but barely, only to die later on. EVERYBODY DIES.

Okay, now that you’ve gotten that. In the beginning, it might be difficult to keep up with all the names and families, but before long you’ll catch a hang of it.

Things to note:
The Lannisters are the richest and possibly the most powerful family in Westeros (the medieval “country” GoT is set in). Westeros is ruled by a King/Queen. As at where the story picked up, it’s Robert of house Baratheon. He is married to Cersei of house Lannister. He’s a philandering drunk. He used to be noble and strong before the love of his life Ned Stark’s sister was raped and killed by one of Targaryens . He has three children who aren’t really his. They are Jamie Lannister’s childre. Jamie is Cersei’s brother. Robert won the throne by usurping the mad king a Targaryen. He fought with Eddard Stark (also referred to as Ned Stark) his best friend. Ned Stark is the Lord of Winterfell (which is basically the whole of the North) has 5 children including his bastard Jon Snow. His other children are Rob, Sansa, Recon, Arya and Bran. The head of the Lannisters is Tywin Lannister. Asides Cersei and Jamie, he has another son, Tyrion who is the family disgrace. His mother died while birthing him, he’s a dwarf (often referred to as the imp), also a philandering drunk, mostly no use in battle, but he’s very smart, reads a lot and has a very sharp mind. Their trademark is “a Lannister always pays his debts”. For the Starks (and basically all of Westeros who believe that the White Walkers exist) it’s “Winter is coming”. Another important family that you won’t see until around Season 3 or 4 is the House Tyrell.

House Targaryen was one of the most powerful houses until all their dragons died. There are only three people left, but one of them is in the Night’s Watch (the people that defend the North from wildings and WhiteWalkers. Mostly rapists and thieves, but also people with nowhere else to go and disgraced or banished Lords.) The other two are Daenerys Targaryen and her brother.

I really enjoyed the series. I watched all 5 seasons in about a week. Anytime I had my laptop out, I was watching GoT. I really like Daenerys. I really like how her character grew from a scared, docile girl to a strong, brave (but sometimes stupid) woman. She may be young, and stupid sometimes, but she’s very brave. My other favourite characters are Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. I don’t really know why I like Jon Snow. He’s just a very likable character. I think I’ve already mentioned why I like Tyrion.

Another thing to note: Almost everybody wants to sit on the Iron Throne

the iron throne - a game of thrones

Random note: Lisa Aryn is mad

So, unto my questions after the end of Season 5.

1. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT SEASON FINALE? WHAT THE FUCK? I would just like to begin Season 6 with the face of Jon Snow and definitely not as a White Walker.

2. Did Sansa and Theon/Reek survive that jump? I really hope they did and I hope she finds Brian of Tarth(?) before that psycho Ramsey Bolton finds them.

3. Can someone kill Littlefinger? Nothing will bring me greater joy. He’s such a slimy bastard. I don’t like him at all. Especially because of what he did to Ned, and well, everybody.

4. What happened to Robert Baratheon’s last bastard? Haven’t seen him since he escaped from the Lady Melisandre. And speaking of her, what happens to her and her “lord of light”.

5. What happened to Daenerys? Was she captured or did her dragon save her?

6. What happened to Recon and Osha. We haven’t seen them since they separated from Bran, Hodor and the gang?

7. What’s next for Arya Stark? and did the Hound really die?

8. Also, what happens to Cersei, the Tyrells and the High Sparrow? What was Cersei thinking giving him all that power? That was a very stupid move on her part and I knew it would come back to bite her in the ass,

9. Does Jamie discover that his daughter was poisoned? If yes, does he go to take revenge on the people of Dorne?

I think those are all my questions.

Do you watch Game of Thrones, what do you think about it so far? What are your predictions for Season 6.


REVIEW: The Ballerina and The Fighter by Ursula Sinclair

I received a free copy courtesy of the author.

Finished: September 11, 2013
Rating: 3 stars
Pages: 173
Format: ebook

The Book
I travel through life dancing.
All I ever wanted to do was dance, as did my best friend. We’d made so many plans together, but one night an explosion changed it all. Only one of us survived, and I promised myself I’d succeed for us both. And I did, until an accident almost ruined my career, but Maze came back into my life when I needed him most. He pulled me out of the depths of my despair. But could I save him now?

I travel through life fighting.
It had always been Ivy; from the first moment I saw her leaping through the air like she had wings to lift her from the ground. But she was my dream, something I wanted more than anything else in my life. I promised myself I would stay away from her. Violence followed me everywhere and I tried to keep her far away from it. She was my point of illumination in the dark tumultuous world I lived in. But I could not stay away from her. Not when I knew she needed me. As much as I needed her. But could she accept me as I am?

My Opinion
I expected a lot more from this book and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

The characters and the relationships they had were underdeveloped. The romance between Maze and Ivy was too rushed and could have been better.
I couldn’t connect with the story.
I think the best relationship in the book is the one between Maze and his dad.

There was a lot of repetition whenever the author switched POVs. It kind of pulled me out because I wanted to skip the parts.

I didn’t like Maze, per the romance. By the second page, he was already thinking “sexy” things. By the ninth, he seemed like a leery, creepy, disturbing guy. All this within 5 minutes of meeting Ivy.
As a fighter, I loved him. I liked the fight scenes best.

The blurb makes it seem like her friend’s death was important to their story. IMO, it wasn’t.

I also think that the last line was unnecessary. The book could have ended blissfully without the last line.

All in all, the plot had a lot of potential and it could have done a lot better. It was an okay read.

This book contains explicit scenes

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**blurb and image from goodreads

REVIEW: The Domino Effect by Jill Elaine Hughes

Received free courtesy of the author

Finished: September 10, 2013
Rating: 3.5 stars

The Book
336 pages
ebook (mobi)

21-year-old Nancy Delaney is finishing up her third year of college when her magazine-editor roommate asks her to go review an art opening in downtown Cleveland. The artist is mysterious international playboy and eccentric Peter Rostovich, and the art is like nothing innocent, virginal Nancy has ever encountered before. Multimedia artist Rostovich has created an erotic art installation all about S&M bondage — complete with a live sculpture that’s so realistic, it gets the whole exhibit shut down by the Cleveland police.
Aspiring journalist Nancy’s nose for news smells a hot story idea, which she sells to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. But as she works to get her story, she soon becomes intimately entangled with Rostovich, who finds her irresistible. Rostovich becomes Nancy’s ticket to sexual awakening, and she soon discovers she has an appetite for bondage, too.
And there’s far more to Rostovich than just his art — he’s involved in a strange, violent criminal underworld that kidnaps Nancy and spirits her halfway around the world, where she’s held prisoner and made to serve as private Dominant-for-hire somewhere in the former Soviet Union. Will the sexual powers Rostovich helped awaken in her be Nancy’s only hope for escape?

My Opinion
Okay so I’m conflicted. I’m not sure that I really liked it but I didn’t hate it.

On the plus side:
It is well written and edited. It’s not just erotica – although I have to say: errmaggherd – there’s a lot of suspense and mystery in the story that raises curiosity. I would love to finish the series.
There is a plot, although it becomes a bit shaky from time to time, it’s mostly strong. There’s consistency and it’s easy to follow.

The characters are great. Nancy is a very interesting character. I like her. She’s relatable in a sense. She’s rediscovering who she is and the reader is making that journey with her.

On the other hand:
* I was confused about the whole Bluschencko thing but that was resolved (a little) towards the end.
* When Nancy was examining the pictures Rostovich gave her after the “interview”, she said the woman in the picture was dead but she’s also the same woman who was live at the exhibit.
How is this possible. Maybe I missed something.
* Nancy keeps saying that Rostovich got her into the mess she was in, even when Bluschencko said he had been watching her friend then her for months

Also I saw a lot of similarities with Fifty Shades of Grey.
– Naïve college student (woman)
– Super rich guy with dark/shady past
– Meet by chance thanks to girl’s best friend
– Studying English or something related
– Woman in early 20s

All in all I enjoyed the book.

I couldn’t find any links as to where you can get the book but if you want to get a copy, you could contact the author on goodreads

**image and book summary from goodreads

REVIEW: Killer Rumors by Antonello Foire

Received a free copy courtesy of the author.

Finished: September 02, 2013
Rating: 1.5 stars

The Book
336 pages
ebook (PDF)
Father D’Angelo and Bakeman, two devoted priests were brutally murdered while going on one of their nightly walks. Detective Frank Rinelli is called to the case- not only due to his close friendship with the priests, but with his expertise of tracking psychotic killers.
Rinelli suddenly discovers these murders were based on a scandal that occurred several years ago at the same Church where the two murdered priests preached. And it doesn’t stop there. The list of people being murdered in connection with the scandal continues to grow until the killer has his ultimate vengeance- and the truth released.

My Opinion
I accepted this book from the author because I liked the storyline and also because the average rating on goodreads is 3.72 from 40 ratings. I was terribly disappointed.

There were a lot of things wrong with this book:
*The homicide detectives, and their LT. were like rookies when it comes to basic investigation skills. (When Rinelli and his partner were interviewing the nuns, they could have just asked them to list all the people involved in the scandal instead of going to visit them one million times.)
They were also missing a lot of blatantly obvious information.
* A lot of details, were stated, then completely changed pages later.
* A lot of the scenes are definitely not humanly possible.
Although this is a work of fiction, it’s also a police procedural and should be as close to reality as possible.
* Repetition of words. A lot of times, a pronoun or an article would have done the job.
The sentences are too long with unnecessary details and descriptions.
* Wrong word choices, typos and switching tenses made the whole book a lot more annoying to read.
There are basic grammar mistakes and words used in the wrong context.

This book had a lot of potential. It has a great storyline. Better editing would have done a lot for this book.

I honestly can’t recommend this book to anyone but if you want to form an opinion yourself, you can go ahead and read it

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**image and blurb from goodreads

REVIEW: The Divine Dantes: Squirt Guns In Hades by Andrew Barger

Received free courtesy of the author

Finished: August 31, 2013
Rating: 3 stars

*The Book
If “The Divine Comedy” and “Catcher in the Rye” had a love child, “The Divine Dantes: Squirt Guns in Hades” would be it. The novel is the first in a trilogy of laugh-out-loud books paralleling Dante Alighieri’s classic poem, “The Divine Comedy,” where the characters of The Inferno are encountered in modern times with surprising results.
At the center is Eddie, a young rocker who is heartbroken after his girlfriend, Beatrice, leaves for Venice. This not only ends their relationship, but also the world’s greatest two- person rock band. At Beatrice’s request, Virgil-their erstwhile manager-cum-travel-agent guides Eddie to Europe to meet her without Eddie being in on the secret.
Will Eddie want to see Beatrice? Will the band get back together? And if it does, can Eddie settle on a name for it?
Read this literary, rock, love story today!

My Opinion
The first 90(or so) pages of this book were bad. I had to drag myself through them. I was going to rate it 1.5 stars.

I decided to give the book a chance and kept on reading. It became better (thank God).

I started to like Edward just a liiiitle bit. Virgil is just a loveable but quiet character. I really want to know more about Bea.

Like I said, the book got better and then it just ended. I was annoyed(in a good way) that it just ended. You know how you’re eating delicious ice cream from the tub and it just finishes and you weren’t expecting it to. Yeah. That’s how I feel.
It left me wanting more. Which is why I’m interested in reading the next book.

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*blurb from goodreads
**image from AndrewBarger.com