Links I Love: Volume 9

Hello people, this week I bring you stories on what happens when you give a tree an email address; why we should start eating bugs (hint: the earth is running out of food); a short history of British slavery era (because most people don’t remember this); the secrets of crying babies and car alarms; how to come to terms with your attraction to fat girls; when moving up endangers your health; how sleep deprivation affects the mind and body; why it’s difficult to acknowledge emotional abuse; the unfair requests we make of geniuses and lovers; how not liking things on Facebook changes what you see; the captivity of motherhood; #BeingFemaleInNigeria; reasons why Nigerians [should] detest homosexuality;how misogyny retards the growth of our nation and more.
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Links I Love: Volume 8

Hi guys. How was your week like? This week, I bring you articles on secrets, puns and more. There’s an article on why people don’t like puns and a small history of puns; a funny cover letter; scientific explanation on why you shouldn’t keep secrets; learning aggressively versus learning passively; why you can’t remember your childhood; spontaneous orgasms; why rich kids study English; how rape is depicted in TV shows and how only OINTB gets it right; why marriage doesn’t make you happy; and why it’s your husband holding back your career, not your children. Enjoy!

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Links I Love: Volume 7

It’s a new week and a new month and I bring you articles on “the perfect feminist”; how to take back your life; why it’s okay to wrestle with the bible; how your brain remembers where you parked your car; why we should accept our heritage; why we should stop calling kids smart; everything you need to know about the leap second; why love is a myth; how our privilege blinds us to the reality of other people’s lives; why you should do you even when people dissent your views; and why the one is not the one. There’s also a post about asteroid obliteration.

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Links I Love: Volume 6

This week I bring you links on how successful Lagos Danfo drivers actually are; why some women choose to not have children, how the concept of “soulmate” has been (re)invented; how and if yoga and Islam and Christianity can work together; sometimes the things we believe are right aren’t and they are wrong to other people; why happy dreams are terrible. There’s an article on what your Hogwarts house says about you (as explained by science); why Sweden is the best place to live in the world; the evolution of alternative medicine; the story of an all-female force during WWII and some other interesting articles. Enjoy!
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Links I Love: Volume 5

This post is late for a lot of reasons, but let’s just get into it.
This week I bring you links on why following your dreams can be dangerous; how the world is ending; why you’re always late (a scientific explanation); why feminism is feminism and not humanism or egalitarianism; why the church is “churchy”; how to do good effectively; why your typos and grammatical errors aren’t really your fault; how an extra second a day could change the world as we know it; and some other interesting links.

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