Links I Love: Volume 8

Hi guys. How was your week like? This week, I bring you articles on secrets, puns and more. There’s an article on why people don’t like puns and a small history of puns; a funny cover letter; scientific explanation on why you shouldn’t keep secrets; learning aggressively versus learning passively; why you can’t remember your childhood; spontaneous orgasms; why rich kids study English; how rape is depicted in TV shows and how only OINTB gets it right; why marriage doesn’t make you happy; and why it’s your husband holding back your career, not your children. Enjoy!

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Links I Love: Volume 7

It’s a new week and a new month and I bring you articles on “the perfect feminist”; how to take back your life; why it’s okay to wrestle with the bible; how your brain remembers where you parked your car; why we should accept our heritage; why we should stop calling kids smart; everything you need to know about the leap second; why love is a myth; how our privilege blinds us to the reality of other people’s lives; why you should do you even when people dissent your views; and why the one is not the one. There’s also a post about asteroid obliteration.

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Links I Love: Volume 6

This week I bring you links on how successful Lagos Danfo drivers actually are; why some women choose to not have children, how the concept of “soulmate” has been (re)invented; how and if yoga and Islam and Christianity can work together; sometimes the things we believe are right aren’t and they are wrong to other people; why happy dreams are terrible. There’s an article on what your Hogwarts house says about you (as explained by science); why Sweden is the best place to live in the world; the evolution of alternative medicine; the story of an all-female force during WWII and some other interesting articles. Enjoy!
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Links I Love: Volume 5

This post is late for a lot of reasons, but let’s just get into it.
This week I bring you links on why following your dreams can be dangerous; how the world is ending; why you’re always late (a scientific explanation); why feminism is feminism and not humanism or egalitarianism; why the church is “churchy”; how to do good effectively; why your typos and grammatical errors aren’t really your fault; how an extra second a day could change the world as we know it; and some other interesting links.

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Links I Love: Volume 4

Hello people. This one is late because I was under the weather over the weekend. I’m better now, but I’ll probably still go to the hospital.
Anyway. This week I bring you articles on sexual abuse and why we should talk to kids about sex early; what saying thank you means in different cultures (one Indian and one Chinese); why you shouldn’t care (in general); the best piece of marriage advice ever; and why you should pause before saying amen to prayers (there are 2 articles on this actually).
There’s an interesting article on this widely experienced phenomenon now tagged “parental Stockholm syndrome“. There’s an article discussing why daughters don’t have to get married, and another on why there’s no big deal in a man taking his wife’s surname (if you don’t read any other article, you should read this one). There’s an article on procrastination, the “procrastination doom loop” and how to break the loop (great read, and actually very helpful).
There’s another interesting article on “the beauty of the brothel” (another one you should read) and a true story that takes catfishing to a whole new level. There’s a work of fiction that I loved.. It’s titled “You’re not dying, and this breaks your heart
Enjoy and let me know your comments on any article!

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