Why We Need To Talk About Sexual Violence


A woman’s value does not rest on the fact she means something to you.

When people start to talk about sexual violence, people start to hide. No one wants to talk about it. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Not talking about rape and other forms of sexual violence encourages a culture of silence, stigmatisation and shaming that victims have to live with while the perps go on with their merry lives violating even more people.

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About Victim Blaming and Shaming

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It’s really upsetting… no, appalling, when a victim of rape, domestic abuse or whatever other form of sexual violence speaks out only to be met with doubting, blaming and shaming.

“Why did you go to his house?”

“Why did you drink?”

“Your jeans were too tight?”

“You should have worn a longer dress”

“You shouldn’t have smiled at him. You encouraged him”

“It wasn’t really rape. You didn’t struggle”

The most stupid of all…

“Guys can’t get raped. *followed by laughter*”

We’ve heard this bull so many times that even the victims start to believe it.

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