True Father

There are fathers, and there’s my Dad,
There is sacrifice, and there’s what my father has done,
There is passion, and there’s who my father is,
There is selflessness, and there’s what he has done,
Word for word, he can match it all,
Act for act, he surpasses them all.

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What is This Poem?

This poem is a poem
This poem speaks of me; it speaks of you
It speaks of our hopes and our dreams
It speaks of days and nights

This poem is not a poem
It is me talking
It is my thoughts
It is my words

This poem is Africa
Continent not country
Large, diverse, populous
This poem can be great; will be great

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#ThisTweet – My Tweets

This is a compilation of my tweets from the #ThisTweet hashtag off MutaBaruka’s “Dis Poem”

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If #ThisTweet Were an Actual Poem — A compilation.

We ran the #ThisTweet hashtag on Twitter for almost all of yesterday.
It was inspired by MutaBaruka’s “Dis Poem”


So, this is a compilation of tweets from different people that I thought were spot-on. I added a few words to it. I think it should have been longer because #ThisTweet trend touched many societal issues, but I kinda got tired. LOL. I hope you enjoy it.
I’d like to acknowledg.e a few people whose tweets/wisdom contributed to this: Ohiolei @Ohioleii ; hassan. @hassytee; baby boy. @iamrilwan ; eghonghon @eghonghon_ ; Lade Tawak • Iyalode @deaduramilade ; Fettuccine Fiend @KeksiOsheeks; Mr. Oreo @LaseTawak ; BLKKSKNHD @txchukwu ; Oluwatosin Adeshokan @theOluwatosin ; Assumpta Chukwu! ‏@AssumptaCharles.
If you find your tweet here and I forgot to mention your name, forgive me and thanks for your wisdom.


#ThisTweet is #ThisTweet
#ThisTweet is that tweet
#Thistweet is tribute to Mutabaruka’s ‘Dispoem’ — Watch/read up that poem if you must.
#ThisTweet is imperfectly perfect
#ThisTweet is beautifully flawed
#ThisTweet is a metaphor

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Trouble Knocking

Hello people.
This 30 days of Writing isn’t going according to plan.

I wrote this poem now.
Tell me what you think about it in the comments. Thanks.


Wondering about life woes
In the end, everyone goes
What to do when you’re alone
What to say when the words are gone

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