Money In Relationships

Money In Relationships.


Day 12

Why would someone just come and say: ‘Lade take this 30 million naira.’ When I’ve not done anything for the person’s life. I’ll be skeptical. I can’t just collect money from anybody like that.
Anyways, if this does happen,

  • I will TRY to give 3 million to charity first (easier said than done)
  • I’m left with 27million. I’ll go on a trip round the world. That is roughly 6million.
  • I’ll be left with about 21million. I’ll build a house that would put all the houses on MTV Cribs to shame. Around 7 million.
  • 14 million left. I’ll build a spa/salon(make-up and nails included). Around 9 million.
  • I’m left with 5 million which I’ll invest money in the fashion industry, entertainment industry and food industry.
  • OR
    I’ll just keep all the money in a bank, give 3 million to charity and go on my round the world trip. Maybe even buy a Private Jet. B)

    And by the way I googled the cost of building a house and a spa and a round the world trip

    Minimum Wage

    This 30 day challenge thing is really difficult and it is just day 2.
    _________________ defines minimum wage as the lowest wage payable to employees in general or to designated employees as fixed by law or by union agreement. Recently, the minimum wage in nigeria was increased to N18,000. Anyways in my opinion, what is N18,000 a month to take care of a family. Most of these people working for minimum wage are women. Most of them are single parents.
    N18,000 a month translates to N600 a day. What is N600 a day. I buy the ingredients for what we eat in my house and I cook the food. The amount of money we spend a day on only food is way more than N600. These people have children. They will buy clothes. They will eat food. They will send their children to school. They will pay rent. They will pay tax. They will pay for transportation to go to work and more things. These people work hard everyday. Struggling to make ends meet and all they get is a measly N600 a day.
    The men and women at Abuja who don’t do anything but carry title earn millions of naira monthly. Apart from their salaries, they collect allowances: food, children, parents, transport etc. and these people can’t set a reasonable minimum wage for the people on the streets. Suffering. Toiling everyday to make ends meet. The people in Abuja sit down. Go to ‘work’ for at most 6 months out of the year and they are paid huge sums of money. Yet they ask for an increase in their salaries. Many people work and get paid below minimum wage. My friend told me she knows a guy, first class graduate works as a teacher and receives N6,000 a month. That is N200 a day. Less than a pound a day.

    Yet some people ask why the crime rate in Nigeria is high and why it is still increasing. People ask why girls go into prostitution. I’m not saying they are right to do those things and I’m not saying they are wrong. Who am i to judge. But when you struggle hard everyday and don’t get money in the end what do you want them to do. Yes there are other ways to make money but not everybody gets a lucky break. If you play football it doesn’t mean you would end of like Mikel Obi or Taiye Taiwo. If you are a good make up artiste it doesn’t mean you’d end up like Tara Durotoye. If you are a great singer/rapper it doesn’t mean you’d end up like Tu Face or MI. You get the point. Look at it this way. After years of toiling and suffering, someone says to you: ‘i know a way to help you earn money’, would you go or won’t you go.
    N18,000 a month or less doesn’t just doesn’t add up to anything for Nigerians.

    I think i went off point somewhere in this post. Oh well ¯\..(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)../¯

    Have a lovely day 🙂
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