The One is not The One

For years, books and movies have sold us the idea that there’s this special one person out there in the universe that will make our lives complete and make us happy beyond reason and love us forever and ever and ever till we die. Even when we die, this person will never find this all encompassing, i’d-do-anything-including-die-for-you love again. Ever. Because their love for us is so big and strong that no one else can raise up the feeling in them.

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Saturday Morning

Gbemi had had a terrible day. There were a lot of problems at work and there was the big fight with Ini before she left for work. She hoped he’d be asleep when she got back home. She couldn’t deal with one more thing. She needed her rest. Thank God it was Friday

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Eleven Months Like Christmas

A grungy look, the dust sprinkles on my neatly packed hair

Runny nose and crack lips follow suit
What a season!
Yeah, it’s Christmas

       Moisturizer, check
       Lip gloss, check
        Lip balm
       *sigh check

The season is dear to the hearts of many
Not just because it’s the end of the year
But because it’s the time thanks are showered on those who made the year great

We appreciate the gift of generosity bestowed on us by everyone

A kid has many wishes
I know it may seem too much to ask for
But all I want for Christmas
Is not just gorgeous pleated Louis Vuitton

NO! It’s not just an overflowing food store to guarantee that I don’t starve

It’s not just an academic sponsorship to a University of my dreams

It’s not just to have my home’s bank account grinning with enough

It’s not just a new school bag or school books, even though I
need those…

All I want is that I’m remembered not only during festive seasons
Is that the love, charity and care of December spill from the first month to the Eleventh

That the warm embrace extends beyond open arms to available arms

In thoughts, I seek to be remembered
I need YOU as a guide in February

One to celebrate me when I’m crowned with success in August
One to hold me in June and whisper: “It’s alright… Ruth”

All I want for Christmas is YOU, you, and you.
My name is… Idada Ruth, I’m an orphan in September too.

(Compiled by @McBethThePoet,  @segunAyoade, @toluOloruntoba and Old- Rugged)

Adapted and Read at the Christmas Charity Concert, Ibadan by Idada Ruth, an orphan at the Jesus Children Mission, Bodija (08033843762)

I saw this poem on (TNC) it just explains what I’ve been trying to say.

Today I had my #ChristmasOnTheStreetZ it was so overwhelming. Seeing the joy in the children’s eyes.
I’m thankful to God that even in the little I have, I could give to those children.

I’ll upload pictures in a later post. I cant do that now

Grace and Peace
Have a lovely day 🙂

I Love You

This poem was written by a friend of mine. Enjoy

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We started our little affair while we were in Primary school.
From the first day we met I was instantly hooked to you.
Our Little affair continued right to secondary school.
Junior School I was getting to know more about you
My love further increased for you.
By senior secondary school I had known everything about you
But like every relationship we have had our trying times. My parents tried to break us apart
telling me to stay off you and concentrate on more important things
but still I couldn’t get my mind of you.
They tried everything possible so we wouldn’t see any longer.
For half a year we were kept apart
but every day I thought about you
I looked forward to the day we would see again.
I told people about you with so much excitement
they felt I was crazy.
We shall be together very soon and this time am not letting go of you…
ever again!


First, Love

This isn’t the typical boy meet girl, boy likes girl and girl likes him back, music in the background as they kiss under the pouring rain kind of story. To me, it’s more than that; it’s about two boys who showed me what love really is about, in its purest form.

Meet David and Joseph (I couldn’t insert the picture here that’s why it’s at the top).

David was brought into this world with no love talk more of a silver spoon. His first cradle was a polythene bag with which his mother dumped him in and left him to face the intricacies of this onerous world alone in the discomfort of the bush. By a stroke of luck, he was found by a good samaritan who took him to an orphanage home. Growing up, he became close friends with Joseph another child in the home whose story isn’t far off from his.

I can’t put in plain words the beauty that transcends just watching this two together…

I think it was those little things they did for each other, the sharing of biscuit that was never enough or the cheese balls they shared?, or when Joseph hugged David when he was sad, or sipping from the same drink, or the little pranks they played? I don’t know where I saw it because it’s unseen yet so visible.

They aren’t blood brothers although they bare the same surname with the other 160 children in the home; I believe they could discern that they weren’t actually bonded by blood. The admirable fact is that they are bonded by the one word I have not come to entirely comprehend – Love.

Today, I’m not here to preach, give this or give that, because you can give all of those without truly loving. Today, I ask you to take off your shoes and step into the worn out pair my friends wear.

Now, take a second and figure where it hurts, is it the used clothes you have to wear? Is the fact that your biological parents left you all alone? No one to come for your Open day at school, or is it the countless uncelebrated birthdays? Or the fact you don’t even know the actual date when you were born?

Have you ever taken a second to think if we “the privileged” ever actually show love? Just maybe you have an imperative role in an all-encompassing plot? Maybe it isn’t just about you? Maybe there’s a child out there, a homeless person down the road losing hope and it’s our task to restore just that?

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you – John Bunyan

Never deprive someone of hope; it may be all they have…. It’s time we made a difference, it’s time we stopped the show of pity and celebrate love, and it’s time we act, true love is always backed up by actions, spare some time to birth a smile. Let there be a festival, a Festival of Love.


Life isn’t just about you or me; it’s also about the role we have to play in the story of others, the smiles we leave eternally on the faces of people we meet.

Now, here is an opportunity to act, on Saturday 7th April, join hands with Project One Million Souls as we celebrate love, it’s going to be a festival, a festival of love with the children from orphanages, adults from the old homes, the blind and disabled, boys and girls from remand homes.

Love comes first.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know

Funto Ayinoluwa (@ObaFuntAy )

Have a lovely day 🙂
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