How To Be a Techie: 4 Easy Steps

Becoming a techie is really easy. Trust me, I know. You can be a techie in 4 simple steps. • Tweet/Talk about techy things a lot but not so much that you become weird Use words like programming, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, coding, etc. Refer to websites like GitHub, codecademy, khan academy. Also talk about TechCabal and TechSuplex; subscribe to them and read them. Often sprinkle your tweets with Nigerian tech ecosystem. Continue reading


5 Reasons eBooks are Better Than Print Books

In my last post, I gave a few reasons why Print Books are Better Than eBooks.
Like I said in that post, I really don’t care about the format of a book, as long as I have a book to read, but I think print books own my heart and I like ebooks because they’re easy.

wpid-wp-1409422874238.jpeg Continue reading

5 Reasons Print Books Are Better Than eBooks

wpid-wp-1408796983921.jpegIf you know me, you’ll know that books are one of the great loves of my life. I’ll read a book in any form I find it and I really don’t care whether it’s print or electronic or audio. As long as I’m reading a book. This post is just a few of the reasons why I think print books are better than ebooks. Continue reading