Links I Love: Volume 9

Hey guys. Links I Love is back. Still no laptop. But I’m working with my phone. This week I bring you tips on writing a condolence note; a heartwarming post on losing a parent; what life at 40 is; how to waste your time productively and a lot more.

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Links I Love: Volume 9

Hello people, this week I bring you stories on what happens when you give a tree an email address; why we should start eating bugs (hint: the earth is running out of food); a short history of British slavery era (because most people don’t remember this); the secrets of crying babies and car alarms; how to come to terms with your attraction to fat girls; when moving up endangers your health; how sleep deprivation affects the mind and body; why it’s difficult to acknowledge emotional abuse; the unfair requests we make of geniuses and lovers; how not liking things on Facebook changes what you see; the captivity of motherhood; #BeingFemaleInNigeria; reasons why Nigerians [should] detest homosexuality;how misogyny retards the growth of our nation and more.
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Links I Love: Volume 8

Hi guys. How was your week like? This week, I bring you articles on secrets, puns and more. There’s an article on why people don’t like puns and a small history of puns; a funny cover letter; scientific explanation on why you shouldn’t keep secrets; learning aggressively versus learning passively; why you can’t remember your childhood; spontaneous orgasms; why rich kids study English; how rape is depicted in TV shows and how only OINTB gets it right; why marriage doesn’t make you happy; and why it’s your husband holding back your career, not your children. Enjoy!

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Friday Musings and Ramblings

I’m back with my random ramblings.

The other day, I was thinking about the video about how women say “sorry” a lot, even when they don’t need to. This was because I realised that I was saying sorry a lot when I didn’t need to. If someone is standing in my way, I should say “Excuse me” not “Sorry, can you move” or “Sorry, please excuse me” or just plain “sorry.”
I haven’t done anything wrong, so why do I keep apologising? I don’t get it.
I’m trying to consciously stop saying “sorry” when I don’t need to.

I’ve been sleeping without an alarm for over a month and it’s definitely one of my better decisions. I sleep well and I always wake up with enough time to get ready for school. The only time I broke my no alarm rule was when I stayed up till around 3am reading for an exam that was at 9am. Set my alarm for 5am so I could wake up, prepare to go to school and revise for my exam in good time.

Help 500 Rape Survivors Get Psychosocial Services
STER Initiative is trying to raise funds to provide support for rape victims. We want to provide medical, financial, psychological and social support so that these women (and men) who have suffered different forms of abuse heal and so that they can provide for themselves, so they don’t find themselves in situations where they might fall back into the cycle of abuse. You can find more information and make your donations here. You can donate as little as $10 (less than N2,000). We need to raise $5,000 by the end of June. Think of it as your $10 will get help for 1 rape victim. 

Exams have been going well. I have three more papers from Monday to Wednesday. Then holiday after. I have no idea how long the holiday will last. I doubt that it’d be more than two weeks.

At this point, I’m practically managing my data. Life is hard without work that pays.

I think my relationship with God is improving. I’m nowhere near where I used to be and I haven’t been to church in ages, but I’m praying more and talking to Him more and reading my bible more.

I’m already tired of June rains. Ugh. There’s still July to get through. It’s so coooooold.

I’m missing someone. It sucks. And there’s nothing I can do about it which makes it suck even more.

I have a niece. I don’t know if I mentioned that already. My brother’s wife had a son. I have lots of nieces and nephews but from cousins and so on. This is my first actual niece. I’m not sure how I feel about babies at the moment. I still have a long time to decide.

I’ve been hearing that my friends are getting married and having children. Admittedly, a lot of my friends are like 10 years (or more sef) older than me, but it makes me wonder. I know that people have different levels of maturity and it is said that I am a very mature person, but I still believe that 20/21/22 is too young to be married. You don’t even know who you are. I think. Well, maybe you never really know who you are, but that’s beside the point.

I have been watching a loooot of movies. I think I’ve watched 14.5 movies + season 3 of House of Cards in the past 3 days. I’ve also finished reading one of the books that I got from the @BookBarterNG book exchange at TPL4.

Speaking of, I’m still trying to find a suitable venue for June’s book exchange. Can’t be outdoors because rain. I need a good place in the Yaba area (epp me plix. If you know anywhere).

Back to movies. I’ve confirmed learnt 3 things from my movie watching marathons. 1. I’m a mushball crybaby. 2. I’m a scaredy-cat and I’m not ashamed. 3. I’m definitely not getting dolls for my babies. [I watched The Conjuring. Or 20 minutes of it. That should explain it]

Also, Links I Love continues tomorrow!

You guys? What have y’all been up to? or pondering?
Any comments on all of the above?


Yesterday, someone told me I’m a quitter and that I could do better. The exact words were: “You need to rid yourself of this “give up” attitude. You don’t seem like it, but you’re kind of a quitter. You can be so much more.”

I was indignant at first. I was like: “What do you know about me?” “How can you say things like this?” “How dare you?”

Then I thought about it. And he’s right. I used to be ambitious and I never gave up. I’d do whatever I needed to get what I wanted. I went for everything undaunted. I had big dreams.

I thought about my “tweet pattern.” Rants and complaints etc etc.

Lade you’re better than this. I should start thinking and doing instead of complaining and ranting about everything.
Stop worrying and crying about things that are beyond my control. Stop worrying and thinking about boyfriends. Or lack of one. Focus on what I can do to create change. In me. For me. For others too.

Do more. Achieve more.

In my thinking, I also realized that I need to learn to let go and let God.
Uche & Ibukun say this a often. “Lade you need to have faith and believe that there’s nothing too big (or small) for God”.
My usual response is okay. But I realise that I don’t put enough trust in God to do the things that He has promised.

I have been worrying about things I can’t control. Things I don’t know anything about and I have decided; starting from today. This moment. Now. I am going to leave it all in God’s hands.

I’ll stop ranting and whining and moaning about everything. Shut up and think. Do. Listen.

Take dance classes. Exercise. Yoga. Reflect. Discover my raison d’etre. Actively go after an internship at Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba or somewhere similar. Listen more. Learn something new. Read my bible. Meditate. Pray. Praise. Worship. Believe. Trust. Read even more. Find psychology books. Discover new authors. Improve my vocabulary. Travel. Discover new places. Buy a journal, or create a private WordPress blog to rant. Stop fretting over little things. Write. Stop worrying about money. Save.
Overcome inertia.
Basically DO.

Three songs played as I wrote this. “Free” “Brighter Day” and “Incredible God, Incredible Praise“.
And the lyrics resonate with me.
God is indeed incredible.

So I shall learn to shut my trap and do things instead.

Thanks to the person (people; really) who inspired this post.

**image from Mashable

Grace and Peace