I Got A Liebster!!

Hi guys!!

I know it’s been a while and it seems like I abandoned the blog.
I’m so so sorry. I started a book blog and requests have just been pouring in and I’ve been so busy.

At the moment I have a 400+ page story to edit and about 5 books to review plus I’m doing a blog giveaway and feature special that’s going on for the whole of October and I moderate a group on Goodreads.

But that’s not why we’re here. I got a Liebster from Oise at Useful Information About Nothing (one of the funniest blogs I subscribe to).
This is my second one this year. I think.

1. Each nominee must link back to the person who nominated them.
2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate 5 other bloggers for this award who have less than 400 followers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated.

These are the questions
1. When A Tree Falls In The
Forest, Does It Make A Sound?
Well if you didn’t hear it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

2. If Moin-Moin Costs 50 Naira, How Much Does Moin Cost?
50 Naira

3. You Wake Up And Mysteriously Find A Dick In Your Butt. Do You Take It or Leave It?
Looooooool. I don’t even know how to answer this

4. In Almost All Of Sarkodie’s Songs, He Says “You Know Say Money No Be Problem. ” What IS The Problem If It’s Not Money?
That he has no talent?

5. With Global Warming, Corruption, Hunger And Poverty Striking Many Parts Of The World, What Is Your Opinion On The Rising Price Of Condoms?
I wouldn’t know how much condoms cost

6. With Geico, 15 Minutes Could Save You 15% Or More On Car Insurance. What About The Remaining 85%?
You have to pay it

7. For A Long Time, This Question Has Been Perplexing Me, Millions Of Other People, And Sisqo Especially. Who Let The Dogs Out?
Who? Who? Who? Who?

8. What Is Your Opinion Of This Blog?
My blog? It’s awesome
Your blog? Hilarious

9. How Do You Explain How To Discern Your Left From Your Right To A Blind Person?
Your right is your right and your left is your left

10. What Color Is Water?
The color of water

I’m giving
The Crazy Youth
The Sarcastic Centre
She’s Out of Control
Wana’s Playbook
19th Street

My Questions are
Why didn’t you blog?
Who inspires you?
What do you think of GEJ?
Is Miley Cyrus okay?
When is your birthday?
Do you like reading?
Are you part of “social media people”?
Who is Adolfus Hitler?
How old is Nigeria?
Your favourite book?

In the meantime, go and enter my book giveaway here

By the way, I was in Abuja from Wednesday till Monday. I went for a wedding. It was fuuuuuun. I’ll gist you guys in my next post.

“For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”
-Revelation 7:17

Grace and Peace


Liebster, Easter on the Streetz

Hey all, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. What with NEPA not giving us light and the laptop isn’t working anymore. Someone was asking me why I haven’t posted. It’s because I now write for AprilLaugh.com I changed my workout routine. I stopped jogging but I walk a lot. I only jog when I feel like. But I do yoga or use my Nike Training Club app. Someone gave me the Hip Hop Abs CD. Also, I cut my hair.

Anyways, unto the purpose of this post, I was given a Liebster. I’m so surprised especially because I haven’t really posted anything this year. A Liebster is an award given to bloggers with under 200 WordPress followers, The Liebster Award originated in Germany and Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love.

I was given by Kemmiiiii. Thank you 😀

The Rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. List 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer the questions they have asked you
4. Nominate 11 other people
5. Ask the nominees 11 questions 6. Let them know you have nominated them.

11 Random Facts about Myself
I have travelled by air only once.
I like to read. Currently on James Hadley Chase
My names are plenty and my first name is very long
I like most genres of music
I like bread
I can bake and sew
I’m not really good at introductions
I’ll be 18 next year
I’ve never had a pet
I really need a laptop

That’s all I can think of now.
My Nominees in no particular order:
Nolstagic Words of a Future Me
Obafuntay’s blog
Ramblings of a Crazy Youth
The Sarcastic Center
Wana’s Playbook
19th Street
Random Musings”
Kimeclectic’s blog”

The Questions Are:
1. Money, Power, Respect. Choose two.
Money and power respect I don’t know. I guess power comes with money so I’ll pick respect
2. What is your idea of religion?
3. Have you ever considered politics?
Can’t say I haven’t
4. What do you do for fun?
A lot. Read, yoga, listen to music, use the internet
5. What one word do you think describes me?
6. What one word describes you?
7. What’s music to you?
a form of expression
8. Do you have a plan B in life? If yes what is it?
Yes, Marry a rich man. I really don’t know
9. What book will you recommend for me to read?
Maybe The Partner by John Grisham
10. Why did you start blogging?
I really don’t know. I heard my mum discussing with one of her friends about blogging and decided to try it
11. Say something totally random
Jesus is my friend

Easter on the Streetz is coming up!!!!!!! Yay!. It’s kind of like Christmas on the Streetz except that it’s easter duh.  So come out and have fun with people on Easter Sunday. It’s at Yaba Remand Home. For more information, go to http://gettalkingnaija.com or http://christmasonthestreetz.blogspot.com

Later Guys 😀