What Should We Celebrate

I wasn’t planning on doing a “Democracy Day post”. First, I heard Reuben Abati’s comment on why the president & his entourage didn’t say amen when Rev Akinola said that corrupt politicians will face the court of God. or something similar.
Yesterday, I was looking at pictures of Lagos/Nigeria from the past (1960s). I was angry but I just shrugged and forgot about it.
Then today I was “reading” GEJ’s speech on my timeline.
Then I got very angry.

What exactly is the problem with Nigeria.
When did it become so bad. When did it come to this. I remember last Democracy Day. Everyone was shouting “Happy Democracy Day” (remember that this was after the elections). Everyone was carrying something green on their car or wearing a piece of green clothing.

This year, if not for the public holiday and GEJ’s speech, I wouldn’t have remembered that today is/was Democracy day. No blackberry personal message updates. No tweets. No display pictures signifying democracy day. No broadcast messages. Nothing.

The other day, when I heard Reuben Abati’s comment, I was just sad. According to him, it is in the constitution that: “The president is only allowed a certain number of amens/amis”. What kind of lame excuse is that. C’mon. Do you think we are stupid. Couldn’t you think of something better. Oya, let’s even assume this is true. Why didn’t he give us the exact number? Who was counting when they were praying? See? No sense. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

When I saw those pictures of Lagos/Nigeria from when my grandmother was still young, in the words of someone else, “I became nostalgic for something I didn’t experience/see/have”.
I wondered why my country had become like this. I wondered what happened to the beauty of my country. I could almost feel the serenity & happiness from the pictures. I’ve always thought that we got our independence a little too early. And I still haven’t been convinced otherwise.

Then GEJ gave his stupid speech. And I’m angry. Very angry. Why do we have leaders that are so stupid. Why do we have leaders that do not have focus. Why do we have self-absorbed leaders. Why do we have leaders with no sense of direction. Why do we have leaders who aren’t leaders. I’m angry. I’m pained.

I think, what am I celebrating today. What is there for me to celebrate today. What is there for us to celebrate at all. I’m tired of hearing: “we should be happy that we haven’t divided”. or “at least, we are still one country”. This is not enough for me anymore. I want more than that. I want good education. A good society. Social amenities and most importantly useful and sensible leaders.

GEJ changed University Of Lagos (UNILAG) to Moshood Abiola University. Yes, Abiola was a great man. Yes, he won the June 12 election but he wasn’t recognized. Yes, he was killed unjustly. Yes, nigerians (yorubas) want him to be recognized. But that is the least of our worries now. There is Boko Haram to live with. There is the fact that there is no electricity. There is the fact that people are dying from hunger, malnutrition, thirst & poverty everyday.

Should I not be worried about my future? Should I not be worried about the future of my country? When the youths are angry because the name of their school was changed and not because of the irrelevance of the change. When the President of my country thinks the most important thing for him to do now is to change the name of a university when there are so many other problems facing this country.

I am angry. How did it get so bad. The generations before me have failed me and my country. Will my generation fail my country? Will I fail my country?

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀

Have A Great Day 😀


Through My Eyes

this was supposed to come up yesterday but etisalat just decided to punish me. My Twitter hasn’t even refreshed for like 24 hours now.
Anyways, I know I promised you guys a story but I seem to be stuck. Today, I have a story here written buy someone I know. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the very talented @tinymaDAMIE

I am hungry. I am very hungry but I don’t think I’ll get any food tonight except somebody comes to visit. I can’t even tell mummy that I’m hungry, she has been silent since earlier in the evening… since uncle Mufu and some strange people brought daddy’s body back home.

Daddy is a bus driver. He drives one of those yellow buses. My daddy is a very hardworking man and he tells me every time that hard work is the only way to be successful. He tells me to study hard in school so I can drive big cars and live in big houses and work in tall buildings on the island. He says he is where he is today because he didn’t go to school and he doesn’t want me to be like that. He says he hates that we live in a one-room apartment but that’s all he can afford.

This morning, my daddy dressed up and said he was going to fight for my future. He said he was going to protest against the president and his people. He said they think they can play with the poor man’s rights and get away with it but we wouldn’t let them. Daddy didn’t look happy when he said all these. He was sad. Mummy was sad too, she kept saying “e ma lo se” and he didn’t pay attention. When he opened the door, mummy said “e sha rora” and shook her head. I didn’t know what to do, I just prayed that my daddy would come back happy.

This afternoon, I had garri and groundnut. Mummy said that was all she had in the house. I didn’t complain; I never do. Mummy went to sleep and I went to play with Bolu and Tinu next door. It was while we were playing that we heard people making noise inside the compound. As usual, we thought it was a fight in the compound and we went out to see who was fighting.

Nobody was fighting. People were wailing and shouting. We struggled to get through the crowd because our ten year old bodies weren’t tall enough. When I got to the middle and I finally saw what people were looking at, I screamed. It was my daddy’s body. I knew because it was his shirt on the body and his watch on his hand but I couldn’t look at the face more than once. There was blood everywhere. I saw mummy on the floor. She was shouting and crying. Saying she warned him. Women were trying to hold her. I just ran inside the house and I cried.

I knew there was no way out of this one room apartment now. Mummy couldn’t afford to send me to school; even daddy barely struggled to make it happen. I would stop going to school.

There would be nobody to fight for my future. I would never be able to work in those tall buildings or drive beautiful cars. I’m stuck in this place….. Living this life that daddy hated.

The president and his people had killed my daddy…. and my dreams and future along with him.

By the way, I titled the story. I’m not sure it’s a good title (is it?) I couldn’t think of any other suitable title.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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Occupy Nigeria

A lot has been said in the past few days concerning subsidy removal and the protests. Since my mother won’t allow me go out to protest, this is how I’m doing my part.
Many people don’t understand why Nigerians are protesting. A lot of people think it’s just about fuel subsidy removal. Nigerians, the ones that know why we are protesting, are protesting for much more than just fuel subsidy removal.
We are fighting against a corrupt government, we are fighting against a government that is not transparent. A government that is not accountable. A government that is not trustworthy. A government that lies to its people. A government that has impoverished its people while enriching itself. A government that goes against its people. A government that attacks its people.
Nigerians are angry. Nigerians want change. Nigerians want a change in the political system of our country. We are tired of the lies and the games the political elite use us to play.
It doesn’t even make sense for Nigerians to pay N65/l for fuel. We have oil. Rebuild refineries, give us a good transport system, repair our railway lines, good health care system, the situation of the educational system needs serious improvement.
Your proposed 25% cut on BASIC SALARY for the EXECUTIVE only does not even scratch the surface. You are to spend almost N1b on food when the average nigerian lives on less than N300 a day. All the allowances that you and your minions receive yearly cost us billions of Naira and you say Nigeria doesn’t have money.
Our government lacks vision. Malaysia is the biggest exporter of Palm Oil in the world. where did they get their plam kernel from? They got it from Nigeria.
When we get leaders who would put this country’s needs before theirs, then we can move forward.
I’m scared that people will stop protesting when the government reverts the price of fuel to N65. That is just the first step and a small drop in our bucket of victory.
So let’s stand up Nigeria. Let’s protect our future and the future of Nigeria. Let’s say no to this government. Let’s support one another. We are all Nigerians.
Click here to see what the Occupy Nigeria protests are about.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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Our Dear President

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan

Don’t ask me what my country will do for me but ask me what what I will do for my country. — Abraham Lincoln

What exactly is our dear president doing for us and our country? Is he here to move us forward or is he here to further destroy us. He uses his post to fight personal battles. Instead of him to focus on the job at hand, he is battling with a state governor over control of the state. Instead of him to focus on important issues, he goes ahead, to give the impression that he is working, to ban gay marriages, introduce new identity cards and new plate numbers. How does banning gay marriage solve the problems nigeria’s economy is facing, among other things. Instead of you to find a way to reduce nigeria’s budget, you increase it by introducing nonsense schemes that will only add to your pocket and that of the senators.

The other day, our dear president posted on facebook: ‘i’m eating cassave bread for breakfast and that is what i will eat till the end of my time in government’. (Or something like that sha). Nobody freaking cares. He eats cassava bread, He drinks champagne. He eats cassava bread, He lives comfortably. He eats cassava bread, he eats 3 square meals or more. So Mr President, we don’t bloody see your point.

Removal of fuel subsidy. I honestly don’t see how this benefits anybody except our beloved president and his ministers. I think Nigerians have not been motivated enough for us to have a revolution. If When they remove fuel subsidy, that will be the last stroke. I think Nigerians need to stand up and revolt. We nned what happened in Egypt, Libya and the rest of those Middle East countries. We don’t have to be as bad as them before we realize that there is a problem in/with Nigeria.

I used to have hope in Nigeria. I used to believe in Nigeria. But now, it seems to me like there isn’t any hope for our country. Things are just getting worse and worse. In a generation where everybody is just sitting and complaining and nobody is ready to do anything, is there hope fo us? I don’t think that the people that say Nigeria would separate by 2015 are far off the mark. There is too much tribalism and racial prejudice in Nigeria.

I digress. Back to what i was saying. Mr President please explain to us how removal of fuel subsidy will benefit this country. We have 4 non functioning oil refineries in Nigeria. But our ‘leaders’ must not do anything sensible, so Mr President will no fix the refineries but he will continue wasting money to export oil and import oil produce.

High unemployment rate is equal to more time in the hands of the youth is equal to high crime rate. Why eont Nigeria have a high crime rate when we don’t have jobs. See people who graduated from university 3 years ago looking for jobs. Recently in school, we read this poem ‘Ambassadors Of Poverty’ for literature. This poem depicts Nigeria’s problems. Everything is not the government’s fault but the bulk of it lies on the government. Someone tweeted: ‘I was asked to name a leader in Nigeria, i couldn’t name any’. Nigerians need to decide what they want and if they would continue ‘suffering and smiling’.

Mr President wants an extended stay in government. He has not proved to be worthy of the 4 years you voted him for yet he wants 6/7 years. Also, Mr President since you have so much time on your hands and are not doing anything, please teach your wife English for your good and that of every other Nigerian. Also, stop her from making public addresses.
Even while i was writing this, someone tweeted that the new license plates cost 25000 naira and that the old one would soon ‘expire’. See what i’m talking about?

Y’all should check these out: deaths, obituary, self defense

Have a lovely day 🙂
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Happy Birthday To Me

Important people born on October 27:
Oluwadeaduramilade Tawak, Kelly Osbourne, Scott Weiland, Jayne Kennedy, Carrie Snodgress, Dylan Thomas, Emily Post, Theodore Roosevelt, Captain James Cook, Denny Stark, Keri Hilson, Oliver Tambo, Lee Clark, Orochomaru, Roberto Benigni, Ruby Ann Wallace, Isaac Singer
Surprisingly, i dont feel as excited as some people think i should (be).
I am 15 today. Sure i am happy that i have lived to be 15. many people dont live up to 10. People die every second. I have had a lot of near death experiences, sad times, happy times… All in all, i am very happy and thankful to God that i am alive

Unto the main reason for this post. I think GEJ is a waste. I think that all the people that voted him into presidency have wasted 4 years or probably 6 years of the lives of Nigerians and Nigeria herself. Jonathan has been the president of this country for almost 3 years. in these years, he has achieved nothing for Nigerians. Even the electricity ish that we have been talking about. We hardly ever have light. GEJ has done nothing for us yet he is thinking of how to extend his stay in office. Now, nigerians have to wait till 2015 or 2017 if he suceeds before there can be any change in this country. GEJ wants new national ID cards. How the hell does that help the poor boy on the street who hasnt eaten in days. How does it help the boy who cant go to school because his fees are not complete. How does it help the people that go to school and the teachers dont come to teach them. How does it help the people in the North that are being threatened by Boko Haram. Please tell me. I dont see how a new ID card is relevant to Nigeria’s many problems.

Also, GEJ is always talking about how he had no shoes. We get it already. You had no shoes. Now you have shoes. Many people dont have shoes. SO find a way for them to get shoes and stop telling us you had no shoes.

GEJ should think of how to improve the situation in this country before thinking about a new national ID card. What does it profit us to have a new ID card when people still go hungry and without food and shelter.

Have a great day/ good night 🙂