5½ Reasons Google Is Bae

Google is very awesome and is practically connected to your whole life. Especially if you use an android device. Google is the cool you aspire to be. And here’s 5 reasons Google is bae.

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How To Be a Techie: 4 Easy Steps

Becoming a techie is really easy. Trust me, I know. You can be a techie in 4 simple steps. • Tweet/Talk about techy things a lot but not so much that you become weird Use words like programming, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, coding, etc. Refer to websites like GitHub, codecademy, khan academy. Also talk about TechCabal and TechSuplex; subscribe to them and read them. Often sprinkle your tweets with Nigerian tech ecosystem. Continue reading

REVIEW: Fat Chance by Nick Spalding

fat chance nick spalding
Source: Netgalley
Publish Date: October 7th 2014
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Format: eBook
Genre: New Adult, Humour
Pages: 288
Date Finished: September 20, 2014

Meet Zoe and Greg Milton, a married couple who have let themselves go a bit.
Zoe was a stunner in her college days, but the intervening decades have added five stone, and removed most of her self-esteem. Greg’s rugby-playing days are well and truly behind him, thanks to countless pints of beer and chicken curry.
When Elise, a radio DJ and Zoe’s best friend, tells them about a new competition, it seems like the perfect opportunity to turn their lives around. Fat Chance will pit six hefty couples against one another to see who can collectively lose the most weight and walk away with a £50,000 prize.
So begins six months of abject misery, tears, and frustration–that just might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them–in another laugh-out-loud look at the way we live now from bestselling author Nick Spalding.

I really enjoyed this book. It was hilarious from the beginning to the end and it was just right.

It is a  fun and completely believable book about weight loss and the struggles that overweight and obese people deal with. The author manages to pass across useful information with a light, humorous touch.

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