Links I Love: Volume 7

It’s a new week and a new month and I bring you articles on “the perfect feminist”; how to take back your life; why it’s okay to wrestle with the bible; how your brain remembers where you parked your car; why we should accept our heritage; why we should stop calling kids smart; everything you need to know about the leap second; why love is a myth; how our privilege blinds us to the reality of other people’s lives; why you should do you even when people dissent your views; and why the one is not the one. There’s also a post about asteroid obliteration.

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What is This Poem?

This poem is a poem
This poem speaks of me; it speaks of you
It speaks of our hopes and our dreams
It speaks of days and nights

This poem is not a poem
It is me talking
It is my thoughts
It is my words

This poem is Africa
Continent not country
Large, diverse, populous
This poem can be great; will be great

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#ThisTweet – My Tweets

This is a compilation of my tweets from the #ThisTweet hashtag off MutaBaruka’s “Dis Poem”

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