REVIEW: Sector IV by Abigail Anaba

Sector IV is a historical romance story set around the Biafra war in a small village in Eastern Nigeria, Nchara. Onyinyechi is to be married to the love of her life, Duke, only to learn of his death that same day. She realizes that she is pregnant for Duke and to save her family from embarrassment, she marries Okwuduwa who can’t have children. Okwuduwa is already married to a woman named Ogechi and he is the richest and most well-travelled man in the village. The war escalates and Ogechi has to make difficult choices even after the war ends.
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REVIEW: Sixty Percent of a True Story.

Sixty Percent of a True Story is an interesting, humorous, gripping, and provocative short memoir.
It is the story of many Nigerians; some heard and seen, and some ignored. While the book touches on weighty issues like homosexuality, the fate of the average Nigerian university graduate, and mental illness; it manages to still be funny and unpretentious.

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