Links I Love: Volume 8

Hi guys. How was your week like? This week, I bring you articles on secrets, puns and more. There’s an article on why people don’t like puns and a small history of puns; a funny cover letter; scientific explanation on why you shouldn’t keep secrets; learning aggressively versus learning passively; why you can’t remember your childhood; spontaneous orgasms; why rich kids study English; how rape is depicted in TV shows and how only OINTB gets it right; why marriage doesn’t make you happy; and why it’s your husband holding back your career, not your children. Enjoy!

Why Do Puns Make People Groan
“To trifle with the vocabulary which is the vehicle of social intercourse is to tamper with the currency of human intelligence,” Johnson once wrote. “He who would violate the sanctities of his Mother Tongue would invade the recesses of the paternal till without remorse.”

This is my cover letter
This is a balancing paragraph because it is believed that cover letters should have no more than five paragraphs, but I’m not sure how bullet points work into that count. I will try to keep this sentence brief.

Spill The Beans
“The more preoccupied people were with their secrets, the more effort they thought was required to keep their secrets, and so other things seemed more challenging,” Slepian told me recently. “The more challenged you feel … you judge the environment as more extreme.”

The One Learning Technique That Scared The Hell Out of Bruce Lee
There’s two ways to learn: passively and aggressively.
Passively is when you study your mistakes, read the history of what you are learning, network, find your “tribe”, find a mentor, etc.
Aggressively is right when you are in the middle of it. You’re neck deep and the ball is coming at you: what do you do?

Why Childhood Memories Disappear
“Children have a very good memory system. But whether or not something hangs around long-term depends on several other factors.” Two of the most important factors, Peterson explained, are whether the memory “has emotion infused in it,” and whether the memory is coherent: does the story our memory tells us actually hang together and make sense when we recall it later?

Rich Kids Study English
Once financial concerns have been covered by their parents, children have more latitude to study less pragmatic things in school the amount of money a college student’s parents make does correlate with what that person studies. Kids from lower-income families tend toward “useful” majors, such as computer science, math, and physics. Those whose parents make more money flock to history, English, and performing arts.

My Random Os
Spontaneous orgasms occur independent of any sexual arousal. I wouldn’t say they are totally pleasurable (though the sensation felt good) but it was more weird and uncomfortable. I’ve read so much about this kind of orgasm and now know that it could occur for some if they’re super happy and to others if they’re super nervous. For me, it was nervousness.

Culture’s Big Lie About Marriage
There is no human being on earth that has the capability to bring that kind of joy into our lives, because they weren’t made to have that role in our lives. Real marriage is not about being happy and fulfilled for the rest of our lives, it’s about becoming the best that we can be from this day forward

Orange Is The New Black is the only TV Show that Understands Rape
Is the victim’s point-of-view shown? Does the scene have a purpose for existing for character, rather than plot, advancement? Is the emotional aftermath explored? As long as sexual assault continues to be a scourge of our society, TV shows ought to mine the subject; it’s important we keep the conversation going. Just take care of your characters. Don’t rape ’em and leave ’em. They deserve to have their trauma acknowledged. They deserve to have their stories told.

It’s Not Your Kids Holding Your Career Back. It’s Your Husband
But the personal piece of the female achievement gap puzzle is important, and it’s something that’s very difficult to shift. The study’s authors note that while millennial HBS grads are a little more egalitarian than their older peers, half of the youngest men still assume that their careers will take precedence, and two-thirds of them assume their spouses will do the majority of child care.


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