Midweek Moanings

Hi there,
It feels like I haven’t posted here in ages.

School has really resumed with actual lectures and it’s very very hectic already. I already have 2 presentations and one assignment due.

My friend’s birthday was yesterday so we went to Ozone and the only movie we were remotely interested in was Ted 2. It was hilarious and there was this reaaaalllllyyyy nasty scene in it. We also went to Silver Cafe in ECentre and we did a little karaoke. It’s really not bad if you get over the smoke.

We haven’t had light for over a week. I don’t understand what is going on in my hostel. I feel like we’re being ripped off. There’s no water, no light and they aren’t turning on the generator. So what exactly am I is my father paying for.

I’m trying to improve on my left handwriting. It’s not so bad. I can say that it’s better than some people’s normal handwriting.

Check out my review of Saving Dapo by @seunodukoya here

You should also check out all the awesome stories shortlisted for Writivism 2015 and this funny article in the NewYorker about comprehension passages.

I really don’t have anything to talk about. Just needed to post something here. I’ve been thinking of what to talk about, but I’m drawing blanks. If there’s something you’d like me to talk about, you can drop a comment, tweet at me @deaduramilade or send me an email (Ltawaq@gmail.com)

Grace & Peace


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