Links I Love: Volume 7

It’s a new week and a new month and I bring you articles on “the perfect feminist”; how to take back your life; why it’s okay to wrestle with the bible; how your brain remembers where you parked your car; why we should accept our heritage; why we should stop calling kids smart; everything you need to know about the leap second; why love is a myth; how our privilege blinds us to the reality of other people’s lives; why you should do you even when people dissent your views; and why the one is not the one. There’s also a post about asteroid obliteration.

The Perfect Feminist
And that’s just from society. Within our movement, there’s a gaggle of feminists who believe somewhere, just beyond the rainbow, rests the ten commandments of feminism. I hate to break it to them, but it doesn’t exist. Being a feminist means you believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. Nothing else. Beyond that, how you act and what you believe, gets into the gritty details of varying streams within feminist theory. And sometimes, the deeper into the details you go, you just become a Judgmental Judy

Take Back Your Life
Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel compelled to justify the actions you take for your own self, to apologise even when you’ve done nothing wrong, to accept more crap from people than a communal pit latrine. That’s not humility, it’s suffering, and there are jail cells far more comfortable than this position.

The One is not The One
The thought that out of the over 7 billion people in the world, there’s only 1 person for you – your soulmate, your other half, the [elusive] one is not only depressing, but stupid. What if your one lives in Australia, but you’re on the other side of the world in Kenya. Think of when there was no internet, no phones, people didn’t know about other tribes beyond their immediate vicinity. It doesn’t make any sense. Or what if the person dies or something

How Your Brain Remembers Where You Parked The Car
If you run into an old friend at the train station, your brain will probably form a memory of the experience. And that memory will forever link the person you saw with the place where you saw him.

Broken English: When Our Mother Tongues Take the Back Seat
As things would have it, the manner of my speech has been among the most fascinating aspects of my identity since I arrived in January 2014. I have taken notice that although my accent is what it is–clean-sounding English with its corners occasionally creased by my mother tongue, Chichewa–it has become an identifier. In America, it is the insignia at which eyebrows are raised and questions of my nationality are surfaced. Each time this happens, I increasingly take pride in the fact that my language has left its fingerprints on the way that I enunciate.

100 Percent is Overrated: Stop calling kids smart
At whatever age smart people develop the idea that they are smart, they also tend to develop vulnerability around relinquishing that label. So the difference between telling a kid “You did a great job” and “You are smart” isn’t subtle. That is, at least, according to one growing movement in education and parenting that advocates for retirement of “the S word.”

Love Is A Myth
Chasing the love-unicorn through my 20’s and 30’s was absurd. It led me into relationships with some women who clearly only wanted to date other women. It saw me dating mean-angry girls (one of whom started “”). Hell, my quest for the love-yeti even brought me to India, where I went to watch a woman I was in love with marry her first cousin in an arranged Muslim wedding.

Dissent Can Make Us Fat Girls Stronger 
I have realized that unless you have at least one dissenter, you are not doing anything revolutionary. If you only receive positive comments, you are not pushing any boundaries. You are not fostering deep thinking. You are just telling people what they want to hear and most of the time, you are preaching to the choir.

Why ‘Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel’ Is The Worst Advice Of All Time
I understand (perhaps even better after having traveled a good amount) that nothing about your ability or inability to travel means anything about you as a person. Some people are simply saddled with more responsibilities and commitments, and less disposable income, whether from birth or not. And someone needing to stay at a job they may not love because they have a family to take care of, or college to pay for, or basic financial independence to achieve, does not mean that they don’t have the same desire to learn and grow as someone who travels.

How close are we to asteroid obliteration? 
The End. Finis. Kaput. We grapple with peril, but the threats that frighten us – terrorism, epidemics, earthquakes – are not existential; none are capable of killing everyone, everywhere. An asteroid impact, on the other hand, could render us extinct.

What’s the deal with leap seconds?
Leap seconds and years both help keep time accurate, but leap seconds are ad-hoc, while leap years are a regular, set event. Leap years are necessary because a year is actually 365.2422 days, not 365 — a leap second is necessary because the speed of the Earth’s rotation is not constant.

Radio Biafra And Nnamdi Kanu: A Threat to Nigeria’s Stability. By Okija Juju
At first, I just felt that this was a case of a Lunatic who seems to have found his way into a radio station, but my fears didn’t rise until I heard the calls coming into the station from his growing followers. One of such callers actually said Hello Director, If Kumuyi steps into Aba, I WILL KILL HIM”. Another caller said he was a technician of sorts and was willing to offer his services to help build a bomb to destroy Nigeria and the Nnamdi character took his number and promised to get in touch with him

Why It’s Okay To Wrestle With The Bible
If you are a student of the bible and you never grapple with it, never question it, never doubt it, you are not a very good student.

This Dutch city is planning to give residents a universal “basic income”
The idea is to see whether citizens dedicate more time to volunteering, studying and other forms of self and community improvement when they don’t have to worry about earning money to survive. People who participate in the experiment won’t have any restrictions placed on how they choose to spend the money they receive.


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