REVIEW: Sector IV by Abigail Anaba

Sector IV is a historical romance story set around the Biafra war in a small village in Eastern Nigeria, Nchara. Onyinyechi is to be married to the love of her life, Duke, only to learn of his death that same day. She realizes that she is pregnant for Duke and to save her family from embarrassment, she marries Okwuduwa who can’t have children. Okwuduwa is already married to a woman named Ogechi and he is the richest and most well-travelled man in the village. The war escalates and Ogechi has to make difficult choices even after the war ends.

The story is brilliant. The writer flows seamlessly from one character’s point of view to another’s POV without confusing the reader. We easily see their hopes and fears and dreams The story is easy to follow and not overly descriptive. I’ve noticed that many African authors tend to describe things even when it’s not necessary especially with stories in a village setting.

Although it is labeled historical romance, there’s an element of suspense in the story.  As you read, you want to know what happens next and it’s difficult to put the book down until you know. It is an unpredictable story and you might be surprised at the end.

The book is an entertaining quick read, but the end was underwhelming. It felt as if the story was just building up and building up with no climax at the end. You’re left wanting more.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

You can get the book here and find the author on twitter @Anabagail


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