Thanking My Scar

There’s a scar on my wrist. It used to be long – almost the full span of my wrist. It was like the decorated part of a simple bracelet. It sits on my right hand, now about half an inch long.

This scar is from what I like to call my depression days. When I used to cut myself. It’s the only scar I have from that time. That was scar that made me stop cutting and switch to burning.

Whenever I see the scar, I remember how far I’ve come from my depression days. It reminds me of how much I’ve grown and that things can always get better.

This scar reminds me to forgive myself and not be too hard on myself. It tells me that I can fail sometimes and that’s okay. It shows me that things do get better.

This scar is my reminder that there are people that love me and care about me and my well being and that there’s always someone to talk to and lean on. It tells me that there are people that want me to be happy and that no one is an island. I’ll always need people and good friends are a very precious thing to have.

It’s been over three years since I got this scar and since I stopped self harming. My depression days were very dark and I’m thankful that I had people to help me out of that phase. I still have my dark days, but I know that it won’t always be dark.

This post was inspired by Thanking The Scars a post from Reign of Ink


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