Saturday Morning

Gbemi had had a terrible day. There were a lot of problems at work and there was the big fight with Ini before she left for work. She hoped he’d be asleep when she got back home. She couldn’t deal with one more thing. She needed her rest. Thank God it was Friday

Gbemi met Ini a long time ago, on Twitter of all places. They were friends for a short while before he asked her to be his girlfriend. All their friends were surprised when they found out. They hadn’t known each other for that long; she was just starting out in university and he was in his final year.

Many people told her that it wouldn’t work, she was too young, she was just starting university, their age difference was too much. She didn’t care. She had found someone good for her, she loved him, and he loved her. This was their sixth year together and two out of those six years were long distance. It was hard, especially when she travelled abroad for her study abroad programme, but they pulled through. They had been through many milestones and many troubling times together.

They had been living together for three years. They found a place and moved in together when she was in her final year. She got a lot of mixed reactions. Her parents didn’t make too much noise about it, but many of her friends advised her against it. Either way, they had already paid for the apartment.

They were very open with each other; understood each other and talked about everything. Whenever something was bothering anyone of them, they talked about it, analysed it and tried to find a solution. There had been arguments and they had a very big one once in which she moved out for days, but they came out of it stronger. They had a date night once every two weeks. They talked about their dreams, goals, plans and their future together. There was trust, there was respect, and there was love. It was a good relationship.

They had been arguing a lot recently. Work had been very stressful lately and managing all her projects were draining her. She had been cancelling date nights for the past two months. He’d been telling her to rest, cut her workload and go on a vacation. But she kept on picking fights with him. He wasn’t home when she got back. She texted him, ate an apple and went to sleep.


Ini woke her up with a kiss and breakfast in bed. He did that sometimes. There was a ring in the tray. She didn’t see it at first. He picked it up and sat beside her:

I have loved you since the first day I spoke to you. You are a beautiful person, inside and out.
You are the best thing that has happened ever happened to me and I love you very much.
You push me to be better every time and I’m very thankful to God that he brought you into my life.
I can’t promise that we won’t have arguments, I can promise you that I will never do anything to hurt you.
I promise you that I will stand by you and stand with you in every thing that you do. I will hold you and comfort you when you cry. I will take care of you in every way that I can and I will always love you.
Will you marry me?”

People have told me that they miss my blog. I miss my blog too. Life is busy, school is hard. I’ll try to post more often especially after my first semester exams which start next week. Wish me luck.

So I wrote this story this morning. It has been flying around in my head since yesterday.I don’t write a lot of fiction because it’s not something I’m very good at. But here it is sha. Tell me what you think in the comments. Please be kind. 😀


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

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  2. Thank you Lade for taking time out to share this beautiful story. Reading this gave me a good feeling…really good. Reaffirms the fact that enduring relationships still exist.
    Praying you ease and good success in your exams.



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