5½ Reasons Google Is Bae

Google is very awesome and is practically connected to your whole life. Especially if you use an android device. Google is the cool you aspire to be. And here’s 5 reasons Google is bae.

Google never forgets your birthday


case in point

Your friends may forget your birthday. Your significant other may forget your birthday. Even your parents may forget your birthday. But Google? Google will never ever forget your birthday.

Google knows what you like and how you like it.
Do you want to receive news about Scandal? or Shonda Rhymes? You want to know when your favourite team is having a match or if there’s any news about anyone on the team? Do you want your news first thing in the morning or when you get to work?
You don’t need to worry about anything.
Google knows your dislikes
Google knows everything you don’t want to see. You don’t care about Breaking Bad? Gone. You don’t care about that new dress that Beyonce wore? Gone.

Google remembers
It’s one thing to know all your likes and dislikes, it’s another to never forget it. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/brother may know these things but will they always remember? Nope.

Google does whatever you ask
I mean, have you used Google Now?
“Remind me to call Tobi.” Done
Speak to the device and ask it anything. You’ll get your answer.
Your own personal assistant. Except you don’t even have to pay. It’s awesome.

Google knows all the important dates
Your friends’ birthdays. Your parents’ anniversary. Your sisters graduation dinner. Whatever it is, just put it in your google calendar and you don’t have to remember anything again.

Don’t you just love Google?


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