REVIEW: How Intelligence Kills by Okechukwu Ofili

Publish Date: November 2013
Publisher: Okada Books
ASIN/ISBN: 9780984572540
Format: Paperback
Genre: Non Fiction, Humour
Pages: 273
Date Finished: November 4, 2014

My name is Okechukwu Ofili and I have the following confessions. I confess that this book will be one of the most candid and honest books you would have read in a long time. I confess that if you are not ready to get your head smacked with the book, you should drop it, because it would change your perceptions about a lot of things. But then again, I confess that this book will make you laugh, so you should not really drop it. I confess that I often write crazy chapter titles to shock people into reading my books. I confess that some of my crazy chapter titles include Corruption is Like Sex and Our Dangerous Addiction to Intelligence. These are my confessions and this is my book. I hope you like it…but then again the goal is not for you to like it but to be moved by it


All jobs are as important as the person doing them

I’m already a huge fan of Ofili and I was excited to finally lay my hands on this book. I’ve read his two other books and I enjoyed both of them greatly.
I expected much from this book and I wasn’t disappointed.

Mostly because my views and his are almost exactly the same on almost all the topics he raised in the book.
I agree that just because I have boobs does not make me your secretary and that our educational system is a death trap and that you can put square pegs in round holes; you just have to make the hole bigger … or the peg smaller

… the shock of death brings out the best in us … I hope we find a way to bring out the best in ourselves and others even before death

The book is filled with interesting images and quotes. There are some ideas that would seem radical to some, but normal to others.

If nothing else, you will enjoy this book.

If you are constantly being told by society to shut up and sit down as a child, you tend to grow up to conform to society; but if you are encouraged to express yourself as a child, you can grow up to revolutionize society

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5 Stars

You should definitely read this book.

Find the author on Twitter: @OfiliSpeaks and read more of his articles on

Have you read How Intelligence Kills? What did you think of it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments


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