How To Be a Techie: 4 Easy Steps

Becoming a techie is really easy. Trust me, I know. You can be a techie in 4 simple steps. • Tweet/Talk about techy things a lot but not so much that you become weird Use words like programming, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, coding, etc. Refer to websites like GitHub, codecademy, khan academy. Also talk about TechCabal and TechSuplex; subscribe to them and read them. Often sprinkle your tweets with Nigerian tech ecosystem. Make sure everybody knows that you know what’s going on in the ecosystem. Always talk about Konga, Jumia and IrokoTV as examples of how technology has worked in Nigeria. • Tweet/Talk about CC Hub a lot or Idea Hub or Capital Square or any other cool place that is a tech hub. Talk about how these places are not only cool but can help you with your startup. Say: “at CC Hub …” or “When you go to Capital Square …” • Take your laptop with you everywhere and do everything online If you don’t have one, borrow your friends own or buy one ASAP. No self respecting techie is ever seen without their laptop. Do everything online. Buy credit online. Shop online. Read ebooks. Tell people how to do these things. Become the local expert on everything. Be the person your friends ask: “Is there an app to …? or “How can I do … with my phone or laptop”. Always have an answer and never be caught off guard • Go to CC Hub whenever there’s an event or Idea Hub or Capital Square etc etc. Be at every event. Every single one. Become a familiar face at these places. Become so familiar that people start to think you work there

UXLagos  UXLagos is a User Experience (UX) Meetup group at the MX Lab at CC Hub. With events on interaction design, user testing, etc. Everybody is welcome. UX designers, techies, anyone who is interested really.

Sometime in June, I was at CC Hub for the Women In Tech thingy they had. When it was over, I decided to stay and talk with people and then I saw Stephanie and we got talking and I told her I was studying Psychology and she goes: “oh, you should talk to Kene. He’s the UX guy.” And I talked to Kene who told me about UX Lagos and asked me to come for the next meet.

It comes up once a month (Last Thursday of every month)

I’ve been going since the meet up in June and I’m learning a lot and of course meeting a lot of nice people.

At last month’s meet up, I got birthday cake. (My birthday was on Monday of the week.)

Me Cake

This is one of the benefits of attending every event. I don’t make any guarantees. Don’t say I told you


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