This is Bullshit: Rantings of an Angry Nigerian Girl

A few days ago, I was randomly thinking of random things – as I am wont to do – especially now that I have no phone [screen damaged totally, haven’t fixed it yet] and I have typhoid and I’m offline more than I’m online. Anyways, as I was randomly thinking of random things, the title of this post popped into my head and I really liked it and I said hmmm, this is nice. I’m going to write a blog post. Then I thought some more and decided that it would be even better for a book.

I have never really thought about writing a book. People have been asking for ages Lade you read a lot and you write really good, when are you going to write your own book. I used to try to write stories. I’d buy a new exercise book and then try to write something like Riverdale High but based in Lagos and some people in my class (school). I don’t know where all these books are (might have gone missing somewhere when we moved). I think I’ve said it here before. I like to write. I like scribbling things. I always bought jotters in school. Scribbling and scribbling away. Random things. Anything.

So yeah, I am [possibly, most likely] going to write a book. I haven’t worked out the whole thing yet only that it’ll be a collection of essays much like my rants on this blog, and like my friend Pamela suggested, maybe a couple of posts from the blog will feature in the book – but with more flesh and better developed.

Also, as a result of my phoneless state, I’ve been able to read. I’ve completed On Black Sisters’ Street by Chika Unigwe, The Sex Life of A Lagos Mad Woman by Seun Salami, Auschwitz by Miklos Nyiszli, How Intelligence Kills by Okechuckwu Ofili, What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Philips and I’m currently reading The Brethren by John Grisham. Next on my list is These Words Expose Us: An Anthology by The Naked Convos. I’ve written reviews for the ones I’ve read here on Goodreads and I’ll give each of them indivual posts on the blog soon.

If you’re interested in what I’m reading or what I’ve read, you can check me out on Goodreads

As for the book, the title might change, but I’m starting to warm up to the idea and I might actually write the book. So Lade is going to write a book, non fiction for that matter. It’d be a collection of essays or something. She’s giving herself a deadline of her 19th birthday to get it done (i.e. Lade should have completed this book by October 27, 2015)

I know that writing a book is not beans I mean even writing all these blog posts is difficult, but you don’t know if you try right?

I’m putting this out here to hold myself accountable like Pamela suggested. (Thanks Pamela). One of Pamela’s stories is featured in The Naked Convos anthology.


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