Knowing What To Say

Balancing relationships are hard. Relationships with your parents, siblings, friends, classmates, people at work, team members on a project etc etc.

Some of these relationships often intertwine and you don’t want to offend anyone. Bonds are strong, but sometimes, they break easy. Some relationships are more important to you than others.

Sometimes finding the right words is hard. Confrontation is easy to avoid, but sometimes, you just have to let the words out.

I think that we should say what we think immediately – not in the moment when we’re seething or emotions are running high – but when we’re much calmer. But not when too much time has passed. And not after another problem where all the anger and other emotions build up.

We should learn to say sorry. Apologise when you’re in the wrong.
Don’t feel guilty if you haven’t done any wrong.

In the end, relationships are not by force – maybe except with your parents and siblings – so leave and let live (this is not a mistake)

Do what makes you happy but doesn’t cause harm/hurt to other people


What Do You Think

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