On The Side of a Road: A Short Story

I am attempting to write somewhat like naijarookie (I’m a huuuuge fan). Also, this is based on true events.


It’s a cold night
The street is dark and quiet. It is a short side street. There’s no light, unsurprisingly. Surprisingly, generators are not on.  All the shops are closed.

It seems like there’s no one else on the road. A car passes on the main road and light seeps onto the street. I can see a man on the side I’m walking on. He’s peeing into the gutter. His eyes catch mine. I quickly look away and grunt in disgust.

I cross to the other side of the road. He’s walking towards me. I hear a noise and the street is flooded with light. NEPA has brought light. Thank God.

I increase my pace and walk away.


What Do You Think

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