If #ThisTweet Were an Actual Poem — A compilation.

We ran the #ThisTweet hashtag on Twitter for almost all of yesterday.
It was inspired by MutaBaruka’s “Dis Poem” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZzbqgHgvqw


So, this is a compilation of tweets from different people that I thought were spot-on. I added a few words to it. I think it should have been longer because #ThisTweet trend touched many societal issues, but I kinda got tired. LOL. I hope you enjoy it.
I’d like to acknowledg.e a few people whose tweets/wisdom contributed to this: Ohiolei @Ohioleii ; hassan. @hassytee; baby boy. @iamrilwan ; eghonghon @eghonghon_ ; Lade Tawak • Iyalode @deaduramilade ; Fettuccine Fiend @KeksiOsheeks; Mr. Oreo @LaseTawak ; BLKKSKNHD @txchukwu ; Oluwatosin Adeshokan @theOluwatosin ; Assumpta Chukwu! ‏@AssumptaCharles.
If you find your tweet here and I forgot to mention your name, forgive me and thanks for your wisdom.


#ThisTweet is #ThisTweet
#ThisTweet is that tweet
#Thistweet is tribute to Mutabaruka’s ‘Dispoem’ — Watch/read up that poem if you must.
#ThisTweet is imperfectly perfect
#ThisTweet is beautifully flawed
#ThisTweet is a metaphor

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