The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman


‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’, is the sophomore collection of short stories by ‘Seun Salami. There are twelve fictional short stories and the stories are about the sex lives of a varying cast of characters. There’s a celibate priest, a ritualist’s apprentice, a born-again Pentecostal sister, a popular charismatic pastor, a lesbian on the prowl and more. The author so vividly portrays their diverse sexual experiences with his trademark simple yet suspense-filled prose style.

The trailer for the book was just released. See below.

I like the trailer. It makes me want to read the book.

‘The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman’ will be available at major bookstores and on Amazon from Monday October 13 (today). You can also buy the book on the BookVine website.

There’ll be a book reading at Patabah Bookshop, Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall, Surulere on the 18th of October.

You can find Seun Salami on twitter: @seunwrites and you can read some of what he’s written on his website:

PS: This book is not erotica

Also, this book is on my birthday book wishlist.

You can read my review here


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