Hi guys, I’m terribly sorry about not posting these past few days.
I went to the home town for the holidays and no internet. I have all the posts to make up for the days I missed, but here’s a poem by one of my newest friends Tosin.
Tosin is an awesome writer. You should check his blog here.

This poem is titled Shame

The child heavy with child.
Spited by her mates,
Shallow bastards that wouldn’t know any better.
Disgraced by the community,
Shamed by her family.
She won’t find the cure to cancer.
That future is now erased.
All she would ever be would be street fights and failed marriages.
Drugs and suicide attempts.
One day she gets lucky and kills herself,
Trying to drown the Indian movie of sadness her life has become.

But do not shame Shade
No No No! Don’t even dare!

Shame her father for being a pig!
It’s not his fault he can’t respect women!
Just like his father before him, he is a violent abusive drunk!

Shame her mother for not standing against hell she called marriage.
A fractured nose here, a non-operational black eye there.
Settling for someone beneath her because society says ‘A woman is a failure if she isn’t married’.

Shame Shina!
He never shielded her.
The first child, the record holder at the beer parlor.
Future ballot box snatcher.
Bowed out of this world as cocaine burst in his belly.
The road to greener pastures quickly turned to that of eternal damnation.

Shame Sola!
Older sister of dishonor.
‘A woman will get anything she wants if she knows how to open her legs well’.
Her womb is long gone and Chief will leave her for her best friend.

Shame Alagba Michael!
Self-proclaimed man of God and serial professional virginity thief.
Preying on the ignorance of little girls in the choir.

Do not shame Sade.
For thinking sex was the only way she could prove her love.
For thinking Dami loved her back.
Like the viper he was, he bolted immediately he had the chance!

I shame myself for standing and doing nothing!

Now shame yourself!

Tosin Adeshokan

This poem first appeared here


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