30 Days of Writing: 30 Things About Me

Hello people,

It’s been about a month since my last post. *covers face in shame*

So I have challenged myself to post something here every day for the next 30 days.

This challenge was supposed to start on the 27th of last month and end on the 27th of this month (MY BIRTHDAY!)

So I’m going to start with 30 things about me

1. My name is Oluwadeaduramilade Tawak. I love my name. It always starts conversations. I have discovered that someone stole my name and gave it to their son. I am still upset by this.

2. I’m going to be 18 on the 27th of this month! So I am excited on one hand and scared on the other. One of the posts for this challenge will talk about it.

3. I am a volunteer. I love volunteering. It makes me happy. I presently volunteer at Stand To End Rape.

4. I am going to be a psychologist.

5. I am smart. Not a genius.

6. I love cake. and ice cream. I do not like chocolate and most cereal. I hate coke

7. I am a writer. When I’m being fancy, I say I’m a Content Creator.

8. I love words. I love books. I’d read anything and everything. If you want to make me happy buy me books.

9. Beans is life.

10. I’m fascinated by how things work and how people think. Which explains why I’m studying psychology. I’m also very interested in tech. I’m learning to code.

11. I am an introvert, and an extrovert. I like to go out. But sometimes, I just like to be alone.

12. I like to think I’m very independent.,. I hate being dependent on people.

13. I’m not a fan of TV. I like watching series and stuff. But to sit down and be watching TV. Nope. I can’t remember the last time I watched TV

14. I want to Travel. God. I want to go on a road trip around Nigeria. Then travel around Africa. Then the World

15. I like tall young men with facial hair.

16. One of my favourite authors forever is John Green. John Green is awesome. John Green is great. John Green has the best stories and the best characters. John Green is awesome

17. I have awesome friends. I love my friends

18. I’m a romantic at heart but… afraid of heartbreak so we’re still single

19. I have a loooooooooooot of interests. I’m interested in a lot of things. I always have my hands in different pies. I’ve done sewing, hairdressing, baking, and bead making

20. Art makes me happy. Paintings, photographs. dance, stage plays, spoken word

21. I wish I could write fiction. and poems. I have tried and I think I suck

22. I want to own a bookshop when I grow up

23. I’m only going to have a traditional wedding and a court wedding. The colours for my reception will be black and white

24. I love babies. They make me happy. With their cute chubby faces and… they’re just so cute

25. I don’t really have a specific and detailed plan for my life but I have goals and things I want to achieve at certain stages in my life

26. I like music. I love different genres of music. I don’t have a particular favourite. I download what I like and I like what I like

27. I love God. My relationship with Him isn’t the best now. But I love Him and I love to worship and just be in his presence

28. The featured image of this post is one of my favourite pictures of me ever. It was taken by Kofo at TPL

29. I make the best ofada sauce.

30. I still can’t write 30 things about me. This thing took over an hour to write and this was with help from friends


So there you go. 30 Things About Me

And this is the beginning of  my 30 Days of Writing challenge .


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