5 Reasons eBooks are Better Than Print Books

In my last post, I gave a few reasons why Print Books are Better Than eBooks.
Like I said in that post, I really don’t care about the format of a book, as long as I have a book to read, but I think print books own my heart and I like ebooks because they’re easy.


Ebooks are easier to obtain
Ebooks are available to people all over the world and you can get them on release unlike with print books that may not be published in certain countries or may be released in one country before another. This leads to my next point.

Ebooks are cheaper
Because ebooks are available everywhere and they can be sold without factoring in printing costs, importing costs and other such costs, they are generally cheaper. Ebooks can be found for as little as $0.99 (that’s less than N150 and you can even find some for free.

Ebooks create less clutter and take less space
You have lots and lots of print books with no where to keep them. They’re all over the place and you pay extra money to keep them in storage. With ebooks on the other hand, you can keep as many books as you like.
Or say you’re going on vacation. Your books take a lot of space in your luggage and you have to pay extra to take them on the trip. With ebooks, you can have everything in one small device.

Ebooks are generally more convenient
for commuting, storage, sharing etc. they go where you go on a memory stick, email, or even on a cloud (like Dropbox). You have quick and easy access to hundreds of books at once on your computer, phone or e-reader.

Ebooks can’t be stolen
And you always have your book. You don’t have to worry about someone not returning the book you borrowed them and they can be stored to a cloud service.

Print books win for sentimental reasons (#OldBookSmell and also, the apocalypse. How will you charge your e-reader?) and ebooks win for practical reasons

So there you have it. My reasons for liking ebooks over print books.
Which do you prefer and why?


One thought on “5 Reasons eBooks are Better Than Print Books

  1. Both have their merits and demerits but on a personal note i prefer print books to e books coz print books are handy. I can touch it, squeeze it, and write anything on it


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