On Books, Tech and Exams (- Q2 2014)

Hallos peoples.

This is sort of a review of Q2 of 2014. But it’s mostly about all the things that have been happening since my last post.
It’s been what about 2 months since I posted anything here. I’ve been busy. School. Work. Trying to maintain (and improve) my relationship with God. Trying to stick to working out and eating healthy. Eating healthy is very very difficult.

I’ve been writing interesting blog posts based on interesting things from around the internet for Up Nepa! Social blog. Also I’m preparing for exams. Two major exams. My first semester results are out and I did well enough. I could probably do better.

I haven’t been on any dates since that time I did my Q1 review. Meh. I went to the cinema with my friend Susan and we watched The Fault In Our Stars. I love the movie but the book wins my heart.

Taruwa Festival
I got a free festival pass to the Taruwa Festival. (work perk)


My pass

It ran for 4 days and it was at Terra Kulture (totally awesome place btw and their bookshop is great too). The opening was a play “The Engagement” by Sefi Atta. Great play. I bumped into naijarookie who writes the awesomest things at his blog
Day 2 – Ijodee Dance Exchange. Which was pretty cool. I went with my friend Ofure. I took a selfie (2 actually)  with Bez. (Who is even more awesome in person). I’m pretty sure I creeped him out. He came with his wife (who is totally beautiful)


Bez and Me

Didn’t attend Day 3 because I wasn’t feeling well.
Day 4 was the last day. The Festival ended with an Ankara Ball. Which was fun. That day was awesome because earlier I was at TPL. (The concluding match and the girls’ match). I had to leave the ball early (Cinderella tinz) because hostel closes early. It was fun. I took a picture with Wana Wana (who is also very awesome. And she said I’m “damn hilarious”. A career in comedy maybe?)


Wana Wana and Me

TPL and TPL 1.5
TPL was democracy day. I had fun. I went with 3 friends. We got there late but it was fun sha. Met more people. No pictures sha because I was doing waka about.
TPL 1.5 (what I call the finale) was even more fun that TPL. First went to Ozone and met up with loads of people. Then we all proceeded to Lekki. I was in pictures this time because I didn’t do waka about. Also I’d have played but Taruwa Ball was that evening.

The Immortal Teddy took this beautiful picture of me which I love. I have absolutely no idea when it was taken and what I was doing. I think I was talking to someone

The good people of twitter turned it into a meme.

I registered at the Unilag gym and went there faithfully for a month (as long as my timetable allowed it). But then in June, I gave up on the gym and stated jogging on my own. I completed a couple of 5k runs (about 3 miles I think). New goal is 10k (that’s if I get off my lazy butt). Towards the end of June, I sprained my ankle and my dad said no jogging for 2 weeks and fitness and eating healthy just went downhill.

I’m thinking of deleting my book blog and just doing everything here. I’ve already imported all my reviews here. And I’m rearranging the blog. Who knows, we might be ladetawak.com soon.

I’ve been going to CChub a lot. I attended the Women R.I.S.E. info session they had and basically we need more women in the tech industry in Nigeria. So they’re running a programme which you can sign up for at http://cchubnigeria.com/womenrise/ (WOMEN only.)
Shortly after that, I attended the UXLagos thing. I called Ofure to come with me. I learnt about UX (User Experience). What makes for a good UX. And we analyzed some Nigerian websites. Which basically sucked. I’m not naming names.


Some of the people at the UXLagos meet

If I hadn’t brought Ofure along, I’d have been the only girl there. This is why we need more women in tech.
(photo source: @UXLagos)

Also, I’m going to start dragging girls with me when I’m going to cchub.

I’m learning to code. I’ve finished with HTML and I’m now doing CSS. But that’s on hold till after exams. I’m learning on codecademy.com

I did a tour of book spaces in Lagos with a friend of a friend who is now a friend. You can read all about the book spaces in Lagos here.

LitCaf is awesome. I went book crazy this month and bought about 10 books. Not sure about the books I’ve read so far but you can check on my goodreads profile if you’re interested. I’m currently reading Phantom of the Opera and An Abundance of Katherines.
My favorite book I’ve read so far is The Book Thief. The movie isn’t bad either.
image image


I bought these 4 at Patabah. New books are pretty expensive


Exams are in August. Then no school till January. I’m trying to decide on two things to focus on in those months that I’m free. I’m definitely learning to drive. And I turn 18 in October. Which I’m partly excited about and partly scared. But that’s a post for another day.

On My Relationship With God

I started going to church. Ibukun invited me to her church so now it’s my church because that’s where I go when I go to church. I haven’t been reading my bible. Except for #SharingTheWord bible study on twiiter. I feel disconnected. And it’s really tough trying to get back to the place where I used to be or even better. I didn’t go to church all through June. Always an excuse. I’ trying to do better.

Ibukun and I want to do a weekly bible study in the Akoka area with people who just want to study the Bible and learn. Biggest issue now is finding a venue. We’re trying to sort stuff out sha. So if you’re interested in the Bible Study, you can tweet at me (@deaduramilade) or Ibukun ( @TheOnlyIbukun).


I’m working on some things that would hopefully be done by the end of the year. It’s pretty cool stuff and I’m super excited.

I promise a 30 day challenge when my exams are done.

So yeah. That’s most of what’s been happening and has happened in the past 3 months. I might be off the internet for a while. Except for work sha. Maybe. Maybe not.

So what have you guys been up to.


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