Am I A Feminist?



*clears cobwebs, sweeps stage, sets up mike*
*clears throat*

Good day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, men and women, youngins and oldins of the audience.
My name is Lade Tawak and I want to ask a question that I have been asked too many times. *drumroll*
“Am I, OluwadeaduramiLade Tawak, a feminist?”.

First off. What is Feminism?
Google says Feminism is

the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

A feminist is someone who suppports feminism.

I believe that women should be able to make whatever choices they deem fit – with their personal lives, their careers(or lack thereof) and so on and so forth.

The most important thing for me as far as feminism – and life in general – is concerned is in the freedom to choose. And I’m not just talking about reproductive rights and all of that.

Women (everyone really) should be given opportunities to decide on whatever direction they want to take their lives.

I don’t want to be [like] a man. I am a woman. I will dress up and use makeup if I want to. And when I get compliments, I’m happy, I’m more confident, I feel good and I love it.

I can decide to be a stay at home mum or have a career or have both. It is my choice. My decision.

I can change the bloody bulbs and wash the bloody car and fix pipes if I want to. I can open my own damn doors, carry my stuff, pay for my own lunch or to see a movie but if a guy offers to do these things, why the heck not.

So “Modern/Twitter Feminists” can like to stop telling me what to do to “prove my feminism”.: “be offended by this”
“don’t buy that product”;
“don’t shave”;
“don’t cook for your man”;
“read these authors”
“don’t listen to these musicians”
“don’t take your husband’s name. hyphenate if you have to”
Phrases like this are S.T.U.P.I.D.

What’s your view on feminism and feminists?

Grace & Peace


3 thoughts on “Am I A Feminist?

  1. Reblogged this on jarofgold and commented:
    Feminism in my view isn’t about dominating men or anything of the stereotypical sort. Feminism isn’t competition with men to prove anything, It is about giving equal opportunities to a woman as you would to a man. It is assigning roles to individuals based on skill and ability and not gender. It is cancelling out the belief that men are economically, socially, politically superior to women. Why? Because women are economically, socially, intellectually, politically composed of the same strengths and weaknesses as men. Hence, i do not see why women should be treated inferior as it is in almost every economcal, social, political,intellectual situation.
    An open mind liberates and is very key.


  2. I see myself feminist. (Btw, if I were to judge, I’d call you a cultural feminist)

    At first, I was a feminist because, I didnt like to do the dishes and my brother and father liked to send me on errands. I was a feminist because I was lazy.

    This year, I’m taking a class called Gender and the law, highly informative something like that.

    It has enlightened me on the problems of the woman. But, feminism, is an idea peculiar to one person, group or tribe.

    I’m a feminist not because I think I want to be like a man or want the same rights as men.
    I’m a feminist because our constitution and other Laws treat women like crap.

    Isn’t it bad enough that some men dominate their wives (in that they beat them and treat them like crap) then, the law, that purports equality, does manifest injustice on the side of women. Its sad and a cry for help.

    I’m a Legal feminist. I believe Marital rape should be criminalized (I have a post on marital rape on my blog)

    I believe that our criminal code should treat a man and woman as one. And even if the criminal code was to give special treatment to anybody, it should be the woman, the one society refers to as vulnerable and not the man.

    i could go on and on…but….I’m a legal feminist. to me, the law is all that counts.


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