Busy and Eventful Months – Q1 2014

Hello peoples.

HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!! Like play like play 3 months have gone and it’s already April.

I wrote about my plans and expectations for 2014 here on 0Toxic’s blog for #30DaysOfHope
So this is sort of a review of my year so far. What I’ve done and haven’t done.

It’s been about a month since my last blog post. covers face in shame but you guys, I’ve been BUSY. Like super duper really busy.

This year has been ah-mazing. Except that my phone was stolen recently, this year has just been one great ride.

School is great. Exams start next week. The Lord is in control.
Work is great. I’m a writer, but I tell people “Content Creator” when I’m feeling cool and pimpin… It’s a bit stressful balancing two jobs and school work, but it’s totally worth it.

FitFam is not working out as I planned but hopefully, now that I’m in hostel, I’ll find a running partner.
Oh yes. I’m in hostel tears pant. How I got this space is nothing short of a miracle and I’ll probably tell the story one day. The day I got this space started out terribly. If I hadn’t spoken to Frank, I’d have lost it.
My roommates are THE BESTEST.

I still haven’t gotten my laptop. So no Cousera and/or edx courses yet. The way things are going, I probably won’t have time for that until school’s out in September.

Reading challenge. Looooool. What reading challenge. I don’t know what I was inhaling when I said I’d do 365 books this year. I’ve done about 35 so far. I’ve decided to not give myself a book goal. I’m just going to read books as they come my way especially since all my ebooks are gone till I get a new phone.
I’ve logged most of my books on goodreads, here. In addition to those, I’ve read “As The Crow Flies by Jeffery Archer; The Husband by Dean Koontz, which I loved; The Slave Girl, The Bride Price and Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta.
I’m currently reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It was boring at first but I’m starting to enjoy it.

I’m keeping some sort of diary. It’s just a big jotter I bought and I try to scribble what happens everyday in it. Sometimes I don’t write for two weeks.

All these extra things – dancing, coding, language, yoga and driving lessons/classes – would probably be from September to December. Or maybe next year.
I’m thinking of waiting to graduate before taking CIPM exams.
I still want to do Calabar Carnival this year. Although, road trip might have to wait.

Still haven’t found a church. And to be honest I haven’t really been looking. God dey.

Still excited about my 18th. Still don’t know what I’m going to do. Except my 18 cupcakes that spell out my name.

I’m working on some things. Dunno how long these things will take but I want to get them all done this year.

Relationships. I wasn’t really thinking about this for this year but somehow, a lot has been happening. I haven’t really had time to process much of what is going on – too much on my mind.
I had a date. An actual, proper date. the first first date I’ve been on. It was fun. And nice.

I’ve made a couple of new awesome friends this year.

#BallForBorno was awesome. We got a lot of stuff and it was a good turnout.

Grace & Peace


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