21st Century Fairytale I – Day 5

This is a little sum’n sum’n I wrote for GhanaijaChic.

She’s doing a blog series on love.
Do check it out

Shay's Place

Today’s writer is another talented young lady who I stumbled across. I saw one piece of hers and I had to go looking for more and I was really impressed so when this came up, I decided that you guys needed to hear her too. She is @deaduramilade and she blogs at Out of My Head. Here’s her take on 21st Century Fairytale …

Fairytales are fun. They make you feel good and fluffy inside. You can find your “Prince Charming” and have your happy ending. Your “happily ever after”.

Everyone believes in love and fairytales and happily ever afters. That’s why even after a terrible relationship or a date that doesn’t work out, you still put yourself out there and keep on going on crappy dates until you find your special someone.

Girls will deny it but deep down we wouldn’t mind a Prince Charming, or a knight-in-shining-amour…

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