What’s New

Hi guys.

Happy new year and all that jazz.

I haven’t posted anything in weeks. But my WordPress notifications show a new follower every other day.

I don’t know where exactly I’m going with this post.

Let me just tell you what has been happening.

I’ve resumed school (Hallelujah!)
I resumed January 6th. It has been fun. I love (most of) my courses. And my class mates are the best.
Just last week, I found out that 2 of them are kind of related to me.

This year has been going great. There’s one little thing nagging me but God is in control.

For by book challenge I’m doing 365 books. As of today I’ve read 24. I’m currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami – book club.

So far I’ve read
The Fault In Our Stars, which I absolutely loved and I can’t wait for the movie. I hope it shows in Nigeria. I had so many feels. I didn’t understand my emotions. Augustus Waters’ death is one of the most painful deaths ever.
• The Hunger Games Trilogy. I loved the first two. Didn’t really like the third one. It was a great read but the love triangle annoyed me. And it was a weak love triangle. I have to watch the movies.
• Queen of Babble Trilogy. I love love love Meg Cabot. And I love her books. I finished Princess Diaries complete series last year. Queen of Babble was great.
• Nanny Diaries. I love chick lit. Americans don’t do chick lit well. Except Meg Cabot. But this was good. I read the two books.
• The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Oh my Lord. Where do I begin. This book is everything. You just have to read it.
• The Temptation (#6 Secret Circle). This is the last book in the Secret Circle Series. I read the other 5 last year.
• Akata Witch. Great beginning. Underwhelming ending.

I can’t remember the rest of the books I read. But you can see them here on Goodreads.

This is my Goodreads profile.

Also I’m excited for the 50 Shades Movie. I hope they show it here.

Can Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar please.

Someone said I should enter for The Writer. I’m still thinking about it.

I don’t like how this blog is empty so I will TRY to post at least once a week.
I also want to try a writing challenge. I’ll do a post about it when I decide. Even if I don’t do it, I’ll write a post about it so if you’re interested you can do it.

So what’s new with you.

Grace and Peace


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