REVIEW: And Then Run by Eric Hublot

And Then Run Cover

And Then Run Cover

Source: Netgalley
Publish Date: August 21, 2013
Publisher: Roland Media Distribution
ASIN/ISBN: 9780980144666
Format: ebook
Genre: Adult, Mental Health
Pages: 427
Date Read: January 4, 2014

And Then Run follows the life of anti-hero Jerome Esterson. Jerome has everything – looks, money, women, friends. And yet he seems to be fighting a losing battle with reality.

The novel takes place in two time periods. One, when Jerome is a 25 year old maverick entrepreneur, with limitless passion and rockstar charisma. In the second time period, Jerome is a blunted 39 year old lobbyist, who also happens to be a blunted serial killer.

Parental Advisory: This is an X rated novel, with heavily objectionable content, including sex, violence, a psychopathic lack of morality.

On the one hand, the book is thought provoking and sometimes I actually have to pause and reflect on what I’ve just read. and it’s funny sometimes. On the other hand, it’s overly vulgar and disturbing. The discussions. The dialogue. The main character himself. Most of the other characters are flat and don’t seem to be important.

After a while, all the talk about Sisyphus, challenging the norm, polygamy and all that shit gets really old and annoying.

I can’t seem to understand what point the author is trying to make. A lot of things are happening, but I don’t get the end.

Towards the last few pages, I was really confused and I still don’t get the point of any of the characters. Including Jerome (main character).

The language is strong and may be offensive to some people. Most of the topics that are touched in the book are[can be] unsavoury and it sounds obnoxious.

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3 Stars

It makes for an interesting read. A lot of points that could be brought up in a discussion group (book club).


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