Bookish Links From Around The Web

So I decided to start doing this. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but blogging on a mobile phone isn’t easy.

Anyways, I’d do an image/meme for it during the week.

9 Beautifil Bookshelves of Questionable Functionality
These bookshelves are so beautiful it hurts

The 25 Best Websites For Literature Lovers
There are a lot of interesting links in this post

2013s Best Books To Give As Gifts
Hint hint

25 Fabulously Cranky Mark Twain Quotes
It’s Mark Twain. What d’you expect

Amazon Drops Kindle Fire Prices For Cyber Monday and more Cyber Monday Deals

Njabulo Ndebele revises The Cry of Winnie Mandela

Amazon Is Experimenting With Delivery Drones
Not exactly bookish but it’s Amazon…

Bookish Kickstaters To Support
Show how much you love books by supporting these kickstarters

Excerpt from “Daughters Who Walk This Path” by Yejide Kilanko

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