100 Questions 2013

So I was looking through my old posts and I found this 100 questions post I did last year December 2nd and I decided to do another one today.
See what has changed etc etc

Anyways, unto my 100 questions:
100. Did you enjoy answering these questions?
This thing is long fa. I’m sleepy

99. Random thought?

98. Heels or Flats?
Heels over flats but I have to be sensible.

97. Do you believe in love?
Yes but I don’t believe it’s the most important thing in life.

96. What do you do to ease stress?
I read, listen to music or exercise

95. What makes you angry?
It takes a lot to get me angry but when I see someone being treated unfairly, I flip.

94. Toyota or Honda?

93. What is your dream car?
I have no idea. But definitely not black.

92. Are you a jealous person?

91. Are you a bad person?
I don’t know again.

90. Girls: can you date someone younger? Boys: can you date someone older?
Before, I’d have said an outright no but now, it depends

89. Are there any sexual acts that makes you uncomfortable?
What is a sexual act? -_-

88. Are there any causes you strongly believe in?
Fight against Domestic and Child Abuse. Cancer Awareness.

87. Are looks important in a relationship?
Duh. You have to be attractive.

86. Apart from the obvious ones, which two body parts are the most sensitive and responsive? My ear and my cheeks.

85. Do you have any kinks we should know about?
Ha ha ha

84. All of your life, your parents have taught you. What have you taught your parents?

83. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

82. What four things are you scared of?
Not making heaven, not succeeding, becoming blind/deaf, not getting to do all the things I want to.

81. What are the 3 physical features you get complemented on a lot?
My smile/face, my nails and my skin

80. Do you routinely spend money that you don’t have?
I try not to.

79. Do you regret living those intimate experiences with that person?
I don’t have a “person” 😦

78. Do you regret anything?
Yes. A lot of things

77. Do you read? Has any particular book influenced you or left a life-changing impact?
This is such a funny question.
I’ve read a lot of books [this year.] The one that comes to mind is: “The Measure of a Man” by Sidney Portier

76. Do you read the Bible or Qur’an?

75. Would you follow your heart or your head?
My hea(d)rt? It depend on where they’re going.

74. Do you prefer to sleep together or alone?
Together with who?

73. Would you prefer sharing finances with your partner or keeping them separate?
I’ve thought about this and I think the best is to have both.

72. Do you prefer friends of the opposite sex or same sex and why?
My two closest friends are a guy and a girl.

71. Do you prefer talking to texting?
Most times, I prefer to text. Depends on who(m) I’m dealing with

70. Do you prefer reading books to watching movies?
Reading books.

69. Do you play any musical instrument? If yes, which?
Nah. But I wish I could play piano, guitar and violin.

68. Do you love massages?
Who doesn’t?

67. Do you live alone?
No. Not yet. [Still]

66. Do you prefer hot or cold drinks?
Cold. Even if I’m freezing. Except if it’s tea or something.

65. Coke or Pepsi?
Fanta or Teem

64. Boxers or Briefs?

63. Do you prefer a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
What is this? The victorian era?

62. Do you pray regularly?
God loves me either way. 😀

61. Do you own a car?
No. I can’t even drive. 😦 😦

60. Do you need to know everything about someone’s past?
Not really. Except if I suspect serial killer tendencies.

59. Do you miss anyone?
Yes. A lot of people.

58. Do you make friends easy?
Yeah. I guess

57. Do you think foreplay is important before sex?
From reading and conducting surveys, yes.

56. Do you make a habit of saving money?
I try to.

55. Do you love children?
Cute ones that don’t cry

54. Do you like your independence or do you want to have a big wedding, wife/husband, puppy and kids?
I shall not be having a big wedding.

53. Do you like watermelons?
No. Except the very very very red ones

52. Do you like to watch reruns of your favourite shows?

51. Do you like to try out new things?
Yes. Except it involves jumping out of something. 30,000 feet above the ground.

50. Ever been on a plane?

49. Do you sing in the shower?
I don’t think I’ve ever

48. Would you like to have your boyfriend/ girlfriend in your school or class?
School? Yes.
Class? Why? Are we conjoined?

47. Do you like to french kiss?
Never have I ever

46. Have you ever had a rebound?

45. What do you think about your ex?
Nothing. I don’t have one

44. Do you like to flirt?

43. Have you fallen in love on a social networking site before?

42. Do you have sex on a first date?
What if I’ve never had a first date

41. Do you kiss on a first date?

40. Mention your twitter crush.
Don’t have one

39. Do you like to cook?
Yes. Only if I don’t have to clean up afterwards.

38. Do you like to budget? Or just more casual on finances?
I have Ijebu blood in me.

37. Do you like tattoos? If yes what kind/type?
Yes. If they’re on other people and they’re not coloured.

36. Do you like the harmattan season or rainy season?

35. Do you like strawberries?
I don’t think I’ve ever eaten strawberries. But I like strawberry-flavored stuff

34. Do you like spicy food? And why?
Yes. Except when my stomach is unstable

33. Do you like spending more time alone or more time around people.. And why?
Either way is cool

32. Do you like someone right now?

31.Your favorite device?
My camera

30. Do you like short or long hair on a guy?

29. Do you like school?
I wish we’d start already

28. Do you like reading books or comics?

27. Do you like playing any sport? If yes, name the sport.
Shey anything they show on ESPN is sport? So poker and pool.(Billiards)

26. Do you like pets? If yes, do you have any and name the pet? If No, why?
I like animals when they are small and cute.

25. Do you like partying? Attending parties? Giving parties?
Attending? Yes. Especially when there is food/drinks involved.

24. Do you like Oranges?
In every way

23. What country do you like best?

22. Do you like your name?
I love my name. It always shocks people. Bad side is that it doesn’t fit into a lot of forms

21. What are the color of your Eyes?

20. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you wake up?
Different things on different days

19. How many kids do you want?
Minimun of 2. Maximum of 5. All before I’m 30.

18. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend using only two words.
[Still] Non-Existent

17. Favourite TV Shows?
Suits. New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Orange is The New Black, Don’t Trust The B*tch in Apartment 23.
Just started Scandal and I love it and 1600 Penn.

16. How often do you shave your body hair?
As often as the need arises.

15. What music do you listen to?
Right now, worship.

14. Do you have a favorite pair of socks or underwear?

13. What could you never go a day without?

12. Do you believe you meet people for a reason or by random chance?
I believe that everyone in your life is there for a reason. No matter how small. Maybe your link to something greater

11. How do you think we as people came to be?
I believe that God created everybody and everything.

10. Do you have any secret dream or passion?

9.What do you most commonly dream about?
Marriage, my future

8. What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?
Use my phone, read

7. Who is your favourite member in your extended family?
My cousins

6. What do your close friends know about you that no other person knows?
This is a funny question

5. What is your favourite thing to do in your alone time?
Read. Worship. Sleep

4. How many younger siblings do you have?
Two. One boy and a girl. half-brother.

3. How many older siblings do you have?
Two boys. One’s a half brother

2. What day of the week were you born?
Not sure. Saturday or Sunday

1. What is your birth month?

Grace and Peace


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