‘Rolling Stone’ Starts Most Pointless War on Millennials Yet

I don’t understand this “millennials” term


The last thing any Old Media organization wants to do these days is alienate Gen Y. Love us, hate us, or write condescending think-pieces about us, we’re going to have discretionary incomes someday, hard-earned dollars we’re increasingly less likely to drop five or six of on a magazine. Presumably, this means any big-name title that’s already known for having a readership several decades north of 30 should be hustling as hard as it can to convince those of us who came of age after the Soviet Union collapsed that its staff is Hip With the Kids. Which is why I was actually surprised (though I probably shouldn’t have been) to come across Rolling Stone‘s list of “50 Things Millennials Have Never Heard Of,” better titled “50 Things Millennials Are More Than Capable of Finding Out About Through the Internet, or Maybe Even Books.”

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