My 10 Favourite Blogs

Hello guys.
I cannot see good thing and not share it so I shall be sharing with you the most awesome blogs I follow and visit almost every [other] day.
So in no particular order, these are my 10 favourite blogs

I love love love her and her blog. It’s hilarious. It’s fun and she blogs about every and anything.

The Naked Convos (TNC)
TNC is one of my favourite blogs. It’s very entertaining and I’ve been following the blog since the beginning.

Awesomely Luvvie
Oh my days. This is one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever read. She is Nigerian but lives in the US and most of her posts revolve around what’s happening in the African-American community and her favourite TV series; Scandal.

SisiYemmie is one of the best all round blogs. She talks about relationships, food, events, places and everything in between.

She Is Out Of Control
Ibukun’s blog is a faith based/personal blog.
Gives you a now perspective on the Word.
She’s very nice and answers all questions.

Worship and Swag
Also a faith based blog. Most of the posts are discussion post. There are also some “inspirational” posts.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married, NaijaHusband is a very interesting blog.
Great relationship advice and humour; naija style.

Mind of Malaka (M.O.M)
I just came across M.O.M. and it has become one of my faves. She’s a Ghanaian author.
She blogs on a variety of topics. From (black) culture, to being a mother, technology and a lot of other stuff.

The Relentless Builder
I don’t know why I love this blog. I just love it.
She writes reviews of contemporary Nigerian gospel music.
She also talks about Nigerian education. There’s a lot of humour here.

Okechukwu Ofili is an author, public/motivational speaker and an artist.
He has the most hilarious sketches and his blog posts are always thought provoking.
I’ve read and own his 2 books “How Stupidity Saved My Life” and “How Laziness Saved My Life”.

I should start a “must read posts of the week” where I share links to interesting articles/posts from all over the internet.
Hmmm. Maybe next week.

P.s. I deactivated my Twitter. I don’t know how long that’s going to last. It was an impulsive decision.
If you need to reach me, you can send me an email or chat on Google Hangout LadeTawak

Later 😀

Grace and Peace


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