What’s Happening

Hello goiz.

So yesterday, I went to participate in the Nike We Run Lagos. It was a 10k run.

I finished!!! in 1:35:19.

I was so surprised that I finished as I haven’t run in a while and the last day I worked out was on Monday.

The person who finished first in 30 minutes. I’m like: “who are you?”

Anyways, on Friday, I was supppsed to go for the Lagos Book and Art Fair but I couldn’t so I bought myself a couple of books. For N2000. ($12.50, Β£8)



School will soon start (don’t know when but soon) so now, I’m apartment hunting. Plus I’m job hunting.

And that’s all the interesting things going on in my life right now.

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Also, to find out more about Christmas On The Streetz, go here

By the way, I’m thinking of a series to do on the blog. Details aren’t worked out yet.

Have a lovely day πŸ™‚

Grace and Peace


4 thoughts on “What’s Happening

  1. Haha!! I ran in the 10K too!! I finished in 1 hour exactly. I was nearly dead. Why didn’t I see you?
    I was so slow, I didn’t think there was anyone behind me. Apparently I was wrong, hehe. Congratulations.


  2. Lol @ ‘Who are you?’ It’s good to be that motivated.

    7 books for 2000 naira? Now, that’s a good deal. Funny enough, I’m doing the same thing right now, i.e. buying used books to add to my library. Works out cheaper.

    Looking forward to the new series.


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