The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened to Me

This reddit r/AskReddit inspired this post

Before we moved to the house where we currently live, we(mum, brother, sister, me) stayed at my uncle’s house for a while.
One of my cousins also lives in that estate with his grandparents.

So one night(10/11ish), we’re all awake (cousin isn’t here) talking about superstitions and paranormal things that they’ve experienced.

My aunt was talking about when she went to serve in Edo or somewhere and shit used to happen.
I can’t really remember the stories but it was fucking scary.
My uncle told us about how in the house where he lived when he went to serve, the landlord used to do juju and shit.
So one time this prayer warrior girl came to live in their compound. The man used to harass her but she ignored him.
So one night, she had a dream. The man came was trying to attack her and then she pushed him and he fell and broke his leg and then she woke up.
So the next day, they didn’t see the man throughout. They later found out that they had taken him to the hospital earlier that morning that he was complaining about his leg.

There were many other stories but that’s the one I Remember.

So sha. We were three exchanging stories. Next thing, there’s a knock on the door.

Everybody screamed. It wasn’t even funny. I just about had a heart attack.

So I went to get a knife from the kitchen. We opened the door and saw that it was my cousin.

What’s the scariest/weirdest/most WTF experience you’ve ever had.

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Grace and Peace


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