REVIEW: Hello! A Modern Love Story by E. Journey

Source: Free copy from Author
Publish Date: September 30th 2013
Format: ebook
Genre: Romance
Pages: 309
Date Read: October 31, 2013
Other Info: Also goes under the title Hello, Love

Heartache and the specter of revenge follow when sparring partners spend the night together two days before he weds someone else.

A deliciously romantic romp with a good dose of realism and a twist of mystery.
A clash of wits, more than of wills, drives the love story in this modern day pastiche of 19th-century romance novels by Elizabeth Gaskell (North and South) and Jane Austen.

The main protagonists deal with messy feelings and events that could happen to any of us:
The heroine, a bright young lawyer, confronts choices about career, abortion, and reactions of parents, friends, and men; while he, an alpha male haunted by past relationships, reveals a sensitive, caring side that emerges as he woos the heroine.


This is a realistic love story of two flawed characters
Greg inherited his father’s fortune and company, and Elise is a young girl still in college to be a lawyer.
They meet by chance and she dislikes him from the start. After a while they become friends and there’s an unspoken attraction between them.

Character development was good, but I would have liked a more in depth look into the background of the characters.

It was a bit predictable.
I can say that the book is well edited and written with an easy flow and detailed descriptions.

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3 stars

If you’re looking for a nice, modern, love story with a happy ending, you will enjoy this book.


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