And The Giveaway Winners Are

There are 4 winners and 14 books.

The winners were picked by a random number generator. (
9- Fernando
8- Kaitlin
6- Frank
4- Tomiwa
Fernando gets 5 books of his choice, Kaitlin gets 4, Frank gets 3, Tomiwa gets 2.

Please email me with your book choices by the 2nd of November or I will pick someone else to replace you

The books are
Astral Ordinance 2 by Meltem Y.K.
Something Furry Underfoot by Amy L Peterson
Rum To Roots by Lloyd G. Francis
External Forces by Deborah Rix[Paperback]
Love Carry My Bags by C.R. Everett
Buchanan’s Redemption by Alex Andria
Living Again by L.L. Collins
Imagined Love by Diamond Drake
For the Love of Jade by Diamond Drake
Love’s Fool by Diamond Drake
Breaking The Reins by Juliana Haygert
Identity X by Michelle Muckley
The Moon Dwellers by David Estes
Fire Country by David Estes


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