REVIEW: Goodbye Nothing by Beck Sherman

Source: Free copy from Author
Publish Date: Feb 01, 2014
Publisher: Beck Sherman
ASIN/ISBN: 9780385342049
Format: ebook
Genre: New Adult, Horror
Pages: 309
Date Read: October 22, 2013

DescriptionSince the night of the accident, Cain Emmerick has felt different. Empty. What was important to him—family, friends, his job—doesn’t matter anymore. His new life revolves around that Nothing inside of him and the extraordinary highs he gets from committing random acts of violence.

Seventeen-year-old Joey Morgan is blind, but that doesn’t stop her from seeing. Something bad is about to happen. Something that could tear her world apart.
For Joey, college life isn’t quite turning out like she planned, because before good grades, fitting in, and love, comes survival

Cain is fascinating and amusing. His story is heartbreaking because he was loveable before “The Nothing”.
Joey is endearing. Her greatest quality is her perseverance. You can’t help but root for her and her.

Cain thought he probably took away more of the car dealer than was left in the office. He wondered if he should have confiscated the head. Used it as an HOV lane passenger, as company at the breakfast table, as compost for tomato plants, as a ventriloquist dummy, as a hat and sunglasses holder, as a Terence-o’ lantern, as a stamp and envelope licker, or as a place to stash his valuables, because how many people would venture near a severed head? Cain guessed maybe three out of ten people who knew full-well it was real. Some people were messed up.

Some parts of this book are so disgusting and vile it’s unimaginable. The author doesn’t spare you from visualizing anything.
It’s certainly horrific and gory. Shocking and jaw dropping. For most of the book, I was like: but in a good way

I loved it from the beginning. It got a bit slow towards the middle but picked up later.
All in all a great read.

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4 stars

If you like Stephen King (but with a happy ending) or Dean Koontz, this is for you

On a totally different note.

I love NA but I’m tired of reading contemporary and paranormal. Most of them romance. Please please please we need horror, suspense and so forth in NA


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