My Blogging Bucket List

So I saw this great idea on Reading Is My Treasure

You can find the guidelines here

I’ve been blogging for like two years and have had this blog for longer but I started actively using it about two months ago.
The design is pretty basic but there are a lot of things I wanting to do to spruce things. (I have to get a laptop first).

Abstract goals:
*Have as much fun as possible
*Meet a lot of amazing people in the blogosphere
*Improve my review writing

Numbers to reach by the end of 2013:
*17 email subscribers (I’ll be 17 next month)
*50 Bloglovin followers
*Lots of pageviews
*100 blog posts
*80 reviews

Book and review related:
*Review at least one pre-pub ARC
*update my Netgalley and actually use it
*All post have at least one GIF or photo
*A month long giveaway in October. (Birthday month. I have no idea how this will work)

Post/Event related:
*Post a movie vs book reaction
*Do blog tours and interviews
*Start a blogging event—be it weekly, monthly, or a one time thing. Or memes
*Host my very own giveaway–one where I give away the prize.
*Guest posts on other blogs
-Do something blog related to celebrate my birthday (see above month long giveaway)
*Start writing discussion posts based on my reader’s requests (I will do a form when I get a laptop)

*Get a designed layout
*Create a button to represent my blog (and swap with other bloggers)
*Do blog buttons
*Create a logo
*Create a pintrest board for books
*Get a blog designer to help
*Create logos for memes


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